Wine Tasting: Boston Wine School

Tucked away under a gigantic liquor store on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, you will find the Boston Wine School.  Tucked inside the Boston Wine School you’ll find Jonathon Alsop and the awesome wine classes he teaches.  And tucked away in this link (here, yup, right here) you’ll find a calendar for the classes you should take at the Boston Wine School.
Recently I was lucky enough to get the chance to attend Jonathon’s class entitled, “The Best Wines You’ve Never Heard Of”.  Always a fan of finding the hottest things that no one else knows about and bragging about my exclusive knowledge, I was looking forward to the class.  I invited a friend of mine to join me because drinking wine is more fun with friends.
We arrived at the Boston Wine School with open minds and eager palates and were greeted by a warm and welcoming Jonathon Alsop and fellow wine class students.  A taste of sparkling Riesling and some olive appetizers were presented to us before we made our way to the table of bread and cheeses.
Jonathon walked up through the 7-S System of wine tasting: See-Sniff-Swirl-Smell-Sip-Swish-Spit (or not depending on whether you have to drive).  He explained that tasting wine is much different than drinking wine and that it’s better to taste wine with others so that you can have a more dynamic experience.  Just like how we all have different preferences and experiences in life, no one tastes the same wine.
True to the title, we tasted 7 wines unfamiliar to myself or anyone else in the class.  In fact, most of the class was unfamiliar with wine in general and had come to learn more.  It’s a plus to go to a wine tasting class where everyone is clueless instead of having “that person” try to show off their knowledge.  Jonathon encouraged questions.  After all, there are no stupid questions–just people we talk about when they go to the bathroom! (kidding)
It was fun learning new wines but what was even better was when, a couple of weeks after the class, I stumbled across the Berger Grüner Veitliner and got to act like some hipster wino who had heard of the next big thing.  We tasted three whites…
and four reds, moving from the lightest to the heaviest, more full bodied wines.
The wines were delicious and favorites included the sparkling Riesling and the Tilia Bonarda. The Bonarda reminded me of a Malbec but better and was excellent paired with the cheeses. I’m not a big cheese person, but totally could be if I drank wine all the time.
The Boston Wine School was an informative and fun experience.  If I had a disposable income, I would avail myself to the Burgers and Bordeaux or the Take a Bite out of Whisky dinner and tasting. Alas, I don’t so I will head on over to the Pay your Age class, as most classes run $50 and over so $30 (gasp!) is a steal!
Note: I took this class free of charge but all thoughts and boozy musings are my own.

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