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The past few weekends have been busy and, with Spring in full swing, are about to get a whole lot busier. I still have to post about my trip to visit El Boyfriendo in LA, but first let me tell you about Wine Riot.

Wine Riot, the epic wine event by Second Glass, came to Boston last weekend. The 3 session, 2-day event took place at the Castle at Park Plaza. Having never been to Wine Riot before, I was anticipating the long booth lines and over-crowded bathrooms that dominated my experience at the venue for a beer festival. Whether Wine Riot draws people with stronger bladder control or it was just better organized, I was pleasantly surprised not to have to wait at booths or bathrooms. In fact, Wine Riot was unlike any event at the Castle at Park Plaza.

wine riot boston castle

From Coachella-style cloth wristbands to the Bubbly Bar and photo booth, Wine Riot left little to be desired.  A seasoned veteran of booze fests, I prioritized non-wine activities before getting into the thick of tasting, knowing the that wine would always  be there but the other activities would fill up. I made a rookie mistake by not eating dinner before arriving, so before anything else, I made a beeline for food.

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, a Boston favorite, was serving up their legendary grilled cheese sandwiches. Somehow this was my first Roxy’s experience – it was nothing short of amazing. The crunchy, buttery, cheesy goodness was delicious and everything I could have wished for and more! I got the original sandwich but another option with bacon and avocado was available. As much as I love bacon and avocado, for some reason the combination of the two has never spoken to me.

roxy's grilled cheese bostonAfter getting some sustenance in my belly I linked up with my good friend Caitlin who was working the 90+ Cellars table and hit up the photo booth before it got too crowded. Is there anything more fun than a photo booth at a wine fest? No, the answer is no. We snapped some quick silly pics, highlighting my love of shopping (and drinking) local.

wine riot photobooth After the grilled cheesin’ and picture taking, I managed to do what I went for and tasted some vino. Aside from the deliciously refreshing Boston-based 90+ Cellars Lot 50 Prosecco, my favorite wines of the night included Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Noir, and Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses. How could you not love a wine whose bottle looks like a rose?

Speaking of pretty things, Wine Riot amped up the fun with a temporary tattoo stand. Caitlin and I got fancy with some gold flash tattoos that resembled bracelets and rings – nothing says classy wine drinking like fake gold tattoos, am I right?

wine riot flash tattoos

They say tattoos are addictive and if that night was any indication, it is certainly the truth. After my fast foray into flash tattoos, I went a little crazy and got just about every available temporary tattoo on my arm. I aimed high and by the end of the night had as close to a half sleeve of temporary tattoos as possible. The tattoos complimented the Sex, Wine, and Rock n Roll tank top I purchased at the event.

sex wine rock n roll

Tattoos aside, the night was a blast. There was a laid back fun vibe that I wasn’t expecting from a wine event which I found to be a welcome relief. It’s comforting to attend a wine event where you don’t feel uncomfortable not being an expert. The venue was great and suited for couples and friends as well as groups, as evidenced by the multiple bachelorette parties I saw on Friday night.

Two thumbs up for Wine Riot! While the event is over in Boston for now, if history repeats itself, there should be another event in the Fall.

6 thoughts on “Wine Riot Boston

  1. SMD says:

    Is it wrong that I can only really focus on the grilled cheese?

    I love the photo booth props too.

    In all seriousness, it sounds like a great event I’d consider if it came to my area.

    • Emily says:

      If focusing on grilled cheese is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Wine Riot is an awesome event – even the tshirts are awesome! You should go if it comes to Philly – right now they’re just in Boston, Chicago, and NYC I think 🙁

    • Emily says:

      OMG it was amazing and I have no idea how it was my first Roxy’s experience. I’m going to track down the truck this summer for more!

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