Wine + Moonshine: Spodee White review

Spodee White Review and Cocktail RecipeOver the weekend I had the chance to try out Spodee White, a wine infused with moonshine from the good folks over at Spodee Wine. I knew I was planning a weekend with friends in Martha’s Vineyard, an island with a surprising lack of vineyards, and brought Spodee White along.

After a long day at the beach, I broke out the Spodee. I’m no oenophile or moonshinephile (if such a designation exists) but did appreciate the sweet slightly citrus smell of Spodee. To play off the citrus, I made my own Spodee recipe similar to the Spodee Mojito that I have named:

Spodee Porch Rocker
1 part Spodee White
2 parts lime sparkling water
5 mint leaves
Twist of lime
Serve over ice with a lime garnish, enjoy anywhere outside
Spodee was surprisingly good, as I was slightly skeptical of a wine and moonshine concoction. It was sweet and light and refreshing for a hot summer day– perfectly fitting for some Martha’s Vineyard Gingerbread house porch drinking to get the evening started.
I had other plans for the evening and took Spodee White to go to be enjoyed on the beach with friends over a fresh cooked seafood dinner. Spodee fit right in, both in aesthetics and taste. This refreshing drink was a great accompaniment to our lemon-squeezed shellfish. 

An added perk was the wide mouth jar that Spodee comes in. I was able to easily add more sparkling water, mint and lime for the ultimate portable beach drink (if your beach allows glass). Spodee was an exciting new addition to a weekend away with friends! Check out their website and get some today! 

Note: Spodee White was provided in exchange for an honest review of the product. As always, all thoughts and boozy musings are my own.

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