weekend wrapup: i’m a hipster now

I mentioned in Friday’s post that I was going to the Atlantic City Beer Fest this weekend and I’m happy to report back that the Beer Fest did not disappoint.
I did my best to dress like a hipster, but there’s only so much that you can do when you’re playing dress up and aren’t an actual hipster.  My outfit was actually something that I would normally wear with the exception of slapping on a pair of red Wayfarer-inspired sunglasses.  That’s hipster-ish.
Shirt: Forever 21 // Jeans: American Eagle // Shoes: Payless // Jacket: NY&Co.
I had made two pretzel necklaces, one for myself and one for the friend who went with me.  We weren’t the only ones rocking pretzel necklaces but as soon as we walked in, a woman came up to me asking where I got my necklace and if I had any more.  Although it was merely a strand of pretzels, I appreciated the street cred that it gave me in front of my friend who seriously doubts my fashion prowess.  Next Fest, I’m coming equipped with more necklaces.
The night was spent sampling from what seemed like 200 breweries and wearing another pair of hipster glasses.  I had ditched the sunnies upon entering lest I look like Corey Hart and snagged these freebies from some strip club that was giving them away as a promo.  I removed the “I heart [Strip Club Name]” stickers that originally covered the lenses.  I was wearing them ironically, as I was literally scoffing at the “dancers” walking around a Beer Fest in bikinis and heels.  
Thick rimmed glasses with no prescription plus striped shirt, ripped jeans, mug of beer, and irony?
Hipster, nailed it!
The piece de resistance was the fabulous glitter moustache that I purchased for $1. It was fabulous but too big to stay on my face so it sat (ironically) askew.  Huh, huh, hah! (insert French accent here).

The rest of my weekend was spent with my family, as my nephew was staying overnight at my parents’ house.  I gave my mother a mini fashion lesson on layering tshirts for 4 year old boys.  Note for grandparents: A long sleeved tee goes UNDER a short sleeved graphic tee, especially if the graphic tee has something awesome like Star Wars on it.  Duh.
I ran errands and did a bit of shopping.  I found these camouflage Converse sneakers that I just HAD to get and now my life is just about complete.
How was your weekend?

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