weekend wrapup: Columbus Day

This felt like a super long weekend, which is great because weekends are awesome.
On Thursday I joined Kate and her friend at the Lee Brice concert at the House of Blues.  Kate blogs over at Another Clean Slate and has quickly become my Boston blogger BFF solely based on the fact that she loves country music and shares potato skins with me.
She also shares my love of koozies and could appreciate my enthusiasm when I got an autographed Lee Brice koozie at the concert.  Yes, that’s PBR.  I might love craft beer but I’m by no means a beer snob, especially when it comes to overpriced concert beer.
After a crazy Thursday night, I took it easy on Friday and joined a girlfriend for Hip Hop Yoga with Lucy Forest.  This movement provides free classes to women and celebrates a healthy lifestyle by lighting up cities with hundreds of LED lights that make up a motion activated forest.  I joined a couple hundred people for outdoor yoga at dusk along the Charles River.  
Thankfully the lights were beautiful and this picture almost made up for the horrible soreness that plagued me the next day.  Yoga is no joke!
Saturday was a blur, as I helped a friend during a personal emergency and then helped her cope with pumpkin beers and the Red Sox game.    
Sunday was an even bigger blur, as long weekends with nothing to do tend to turn into.  
I had off from work today and took advantage of some holiday sales at Old Navy (I love that store so hard) before meeting up from manicures and Pinkberry with a girlfriend.  
I had fully anticipated doing laundry but the machine was taken when I got home and so there’s still a pile of dirty clothes in the hamper.  It’s the thought that counts though…and the fact that I bought enough clothes to not have to worry about it for a few more days!
How was your (hopefully long) weekend?

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