valentine’s day and drag queens

On Friday I celebrated Valentine’s Day, aka Singles Awareness Day, for which the acronym is SAD.  This upsets me because, while it’s nice to have a special someone in your life to buy you overpriced flowers and chocolate on a specific day dictated by society, it doesn’t have to be a depressing holiday just because you’re unattached.
I’ve been single for the past 3 Valentine’s Days and they’ve all been filled with love from people who are close to me.  The past couple years I felt love from family.  This year I got to add the love of my friends…and drag queens.  What???
Yup, this year my girlfriends and I had an awesome Valentine’s Day.  While we’re not all single, we all ended up being free for Valentine’s Day, as boyfriends were either working or out of town.  We got gussied up for the night, because nothing makes you feel more fabulous than looking fabulous.  I wore my new red dress that I got at J.Crew’s Black Friday sale and ended up being perfect color for the holiday of love!  I even braved wearing booties with a heel for the occasion, knowing full well that it was probably the stupidest decision of the night.  More on that later.
I met two of my girlfriends at Papagayo, a great Mexican restaurant in Boston.  That’s a bit of an oxymoron, as Boston doesn’t have too many great Mexican restaurants, but this is one of the better ones.  We ordered margaritas and food..and then I ordered a glass of milk because the sweetness of the margaritas gave me heartburn…apparently I’m 80.
From there we went to Jacques, a fabulous drag show cabaret in Back Bay.  We’d never been there but heard it was a hoot.  And what better way to spend a girls’ Valentine’s Day than with other boys dressed like girls?!  The queens were amazing!  Like I was dying at how nice their butts were in sequin catsuits, amazing.  The show was awesome and we were dancing, singing, and cheering them on like it was our job.
From there we walked to to Club Cafe, a gay bar where we met up with some of the stars from Jacques.  On the walk there, my smart friends changed into boots, as they knew that drinking and heels and ice don’t mix.  I also know that drinking and heels and ice don’t mix, but threw caution to the wind that night.  I even tweeted about it.
However, I got caught up in the excitement of the evening and forgot to exercise massive amounts of caution.  I walked over some ice and found myself in a not-so-ladylike position, splayed out on the sidewalk.  It was hilarious…but not.  Thankfully, it didn’t stop me from tearing up the dance floor at the club with my girl friends and a bunch of boys looking for boyfriends (although it did keep me from attending a blogger Flywheel event the next day and I have several impressive bruises!).
My Valentine’s Day was fun and full of craziness and love…how was yours?

6 thoughts on “valentine’s day and drag queens

  1. Alli @ Allena Mistral says:

    Fun! I walked by Papagayo last night and was intrigued, but my friend and I were on a mission to hit Sip, so we left Papagayo for a later date. I can't believe you found good Mexican food in Boston!! Sorry about your bruises 🙁 Snow makes looking cute that much harder…

  2. Kristin O says:

    Oh No!!! I hope the fall didn't hurt that much. I hardly ever wear heels anymore. But then again the last time I wore flats for a bachelorette I was the only one in flip flops and the only one who fell. haha.

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