trenchcoat and polka dots

It’s funny what you find in your closet when you go digging around preparing to move.  I got this trenchcoat when I was in law school in 2007.  These grey pants must have been in my closet since college but I never wear them because they’re “dry clean only” and I’m cheap.  But today I decided to be adventurous, or about as adventurous and grey and black can get, and take these older pieces out for a spin. I paired them with this new polka dot shirt and wedges for a fun business casual look for work.

Trench Coat: London Fog // Blouse: Forever 21 // Pants: BCBG // Wedges: Payless

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Do you ever find clothes from 100 years ago stuck in your closet?

4 thoughts on “trenchcoat and polka dots

  1. Franziska says:

    I'm finding so much hiding away too – makes me kind of :/ about all that I own. I need to donate so much. Please don't donate any of those pieces though, they look great on you! I love black trenches more than the khaki kind.

  2. Tracey @ Talkative*TLC says:

    I totally justify holding on to clothes longer than I should just for the times where it might be perfect! But during this move, I'm going to my best to really weed through my closet and donate as much as possible. Starting fresh! 🙂

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