Things that make me feel better about life

I’m in a funk.  A stressed out from work/my face looks like a pepperoni pizza/I barely have time to shower don’t even think about time for yoga or laundry/I can’t find a pair of white skinny jeans (see previous comment about not doing laundry)/oh another glass of wine? funk.  It sucks but keep on keeping on, right?

Tonight I ditched an event that I was supposed to attend in order to go home and grade Bar prep essays. Apparently that’s my version of relaxing nowadays which is totally awesome for someone whose sense of humor lends itself to self-deprecation and sarcasm. Look at me being fabulous in boxers grading papers on the couch. (twirls)

Anyway, after I had settled down and made a mental list of why I was a poor poodle and how I’d rather be anywhere but “here” at this very moment in time, something miraculous happened.  I realized that no matter how sucky my life seems right now, or at least how much less stressed I wish I was right now, it could be worse.

Mind-blowing, I know.

But sometimes we need something to smack us upside the head and put things back into perspective. So I pumped myself up with the following comparisons to less fortunate people because I’m mature like that.


And just like that, I realized that I have it pretty good…and that my new nickname is Crazy Eyes.

8 thoughts on “Things that make me feel better about life

  1. SL says:

    This is totally creepy but I'm pretty sure I saw you at BBY and felt awkward being that person to come up and say hi! Love your blog and pics, always very entertaining!

  2. Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee says:

    Bahahaha… smuggling drugs under stomach fat. When I worked at the hospital one of the emergency techs once found a REMOTE CONTROL in someone's rolls when they gave them their sponge bath… the person said: "I've been looking for that!" No joke! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

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