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Sweetgreen Passport Series Boxing Event

AKA the day I pissed off a celebrity’s kid.
Today I went to one of Sweetgreen’s Passport classes, an awesome movement in Boston; NYC; DC; and Philly to get people interested in doing healthy things and eating right.  For those of you who aren’t aware, Sweegreen has kickass salads and other yummy stuff that I can’t get enough of.  They also put on these great classes…for free!
A couple of weeks ago I went to a yoga class with my friend and work out buddy, Lisa, and today we went to an Intro to Boxing class at George Forman III’s The Club gym in South Boston.  Tucked away on a side street, this underground club (literally) is a boxing and workout powerhouse.
Inside the club you’ll find several full size boxing rings, weights, machines, heavy bags, suspension cables, and even a yoga and spin studio.  
Today at The Club we did a circuit of suspension cables, muscle ropes, gigantic dumbells, kettleballs, rowing machines, spin bikes, heavy bags and fast bags.  It was awesome and the instructors were great.  However, since I went with my friend, there was a fair bit of talking (on my part, naturally) and I might have gotten admonished by non other than George Forman III himself.  Apparently if you’re able to talk, you’re not working out hard enough.  Oops!
In all seriousness, I had a killer workout and would love to go back.  We’re even thinking of signing up for some group classes after my arms stop burning.
To top off the workout, there is a crunchy granola smoothie joint in the same building as the gym so after our workout Lisa and I headed over to have a delicious overpriced almond milk-quinoa-patchouli smoothie.  Ok, I have no idea what was really in it aside from almond milk but it was surprisingly delicious and well deserved!
If you’re in Boston and have the chance, sign up for Sweetgreen’s Passport classes or check out The Club!  You won’t regret either (just don’t talk during your workout unless you want GFIII on you!)

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  1. Natalia { All the Things, etc } says:

    What a cool concept! I love that it gives you such a fun (and free!) way to sample a bunch a workouts that you otherwise might never try. That smoothie looks awesome too…. I swear smoothies and salads both always taste a billion times better if someone else makes them!

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