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This weekend I moved to Boston–yay, horray, woohoo!  The move was seamless, mostly due to my neurotic awesome planning and obsessive compulsive need to control things attention to detail.  
The moving companies I used to load and unload the U-Haul that my dad drove up to Boston for me were awesome.  So awesome that when a pair of dirty panties fell out of my laundry basket an into the street, one of them picked it up and discreetly gave it back to me instead of selling it on Craigslist for creepers to sniff.
The same mover also managed to take a picture of my ass and post it on Instagram…and then asked me to follow him.  Nope, not at all awkward.  At least he didn’t tag me in it. That’s a quality moving man right there, folks. 
Despite almost dying of embarrassment when my dirty underoos were handed to me by a strange man, the rest of the weekend was awesome.  I spent the 4th with my family at a big party, where this delicious chocolate and vanilla marble cake with raspberry chocolate ganache layers got in mah bella.

My birthday was a booze filled blast, starting with a Bloody Mary Bar at Stephanie’s on Newbury Street.  Gotta love a waitress who notices its your birthday and puts a candle in your booze.  Yes, a candle in my booze.  I had to say it twice because it was so freaking amazing.
I might have spent most of the day unpacking in my clean underwear listening and dancing to country music and sippin on suds before hitting up the town with my besties from law school.  You know you have good friends when they bring you booze and tell you how good your boobs look before taking you out for a fun birthday celebration!

Yay, friends!
(It was the end of the night, don’t mind my sweatiness) 
I know I’m a day late but how was your weekend?

10 thoughts on “stories from this weekend

  1. Marisa says:

    Stumbled across your blog- entertaining for sure! Congrats on your move to Boston! Seriously drooling over that bloody, that;&#39;s acceptable at 9am on a Tuesday, right? <br />-Marisa

  2. Kara says:

    I can&#39;t believe that you moved AND celebrated your birthday AND of course, 4th of July holiday. Monday must have hit you like a truck. Happy belated, lady!

  3. Angela says:

    Happy late birthday! My weekend was definitely not as eventful as yours… but it was your birthday so that&#39;s to be expected. 🙂

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