shopping amnesia

You know you’ve had one of those days.  When you get home and there’s a box sitting at your doorstep and you find yourself going, “Umm, I didn’t order anything…” to “Oh fun, it must be a surprise gift from someone!” to “It’s not my birthday…maybe it’s one of those suspicious packages.  Should I call the FBI?!” to “Wait, no, that’s definitely my name on the package.  Ok, really, what did I order?”.
Yup, you’ve been there.  Thankfully, there’s a medical term for it: Shopping Amnesia.  Sounds a lot better than “Shopaholic” right?  That’s just sad.  This is medical.  Yeah…
So anyway, my ahem “medical condition” flared up today when I received a box from Target.  I had made some Target purchases a few weeks ago but had received them, so I knew it couldn’t be a package for me.  Oh, maybe it’s a mistake!  Yay, free shoes! 

I opened it up to discover free shoes!  Ok, not really, but they were *almost* free shoes because I had completely forgotten that I had even ordered them.  They were pretty too!  Score!
Then I remembered.  One night while I was up late, I was browsing the internet for shoes with low heels to wear to my friend’s wedding in June.  Since I just had ACL surgery, any heels will have to be fairly low so that I don’t fall down, twist my knee, re-tear my ACL or otherwise encounter pain associated with wearing heels after knee surgery.  A quick glimpse at my email confirmed my late night shopping suspicions.  Normally I don’t forget purchases like this, especially since they were on sale for only $14!   
I wish I could say this is the first time that I’ve had shopping amnesia.  It can also present while cleaning out your closet and finding things with tags still attached and you’re thinking, “OMG who bought that heinous thing?!”  Unless you have a Great Aunt Helga, it was probably you but during a horrible shopping spree in which you got caught up in the moment and can’t remember.  At least now you have a medical condition to blame: shopping amnesia.
Have you ever experienced shopping amnesia?

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