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My ACL surgery is scheduled for Friday and I’m beginning to freak out.  As I sit on my couch right now I’m stressing over the things that I should be doing (cleaning the house, doing laundry, arguing with the insurance company, etc) but instead I’m pinning outfit ideas to Pinterest.  Why?!  Because the most exciting thing happened today (relatively speaking, of course).

In addition to getting a hot pink and glittery pedicure (a woman’s got to have a little fun in the dead of winter), I found both a maxi dress and a maxi skirt that I’m able to wear over my knee brace–woohoo! In case you haven’t caught on to the fact that getting dressed with a gigantic knee brace has take a toll on my fashion abilities, I’ll reiterate now that it’s been quite the challenge.  Never mind the fact that I won’t be able to wear heels for about a year, my fashion options have been limited to leggings, jeans, tights, and flats or short boots.  
I went into Love Culture today, a teeny bopper store akin to Forever 21, looking for a faux leather motorcycle jacket (I didn’t find one) but instead came out with these two awesome pieces.  
Maxi Dress: Love Culture
Tribal Maxi Skirt: Love Culture
I got the maxi dress in black, which I’ll be able to winterize easily and will transition into the spring.  The tribal skirt I’ll also be able to style for winter but I anticipate it will be a bit of a greater challenge.  
How would you style these maxis?

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