Non-Running Workouts in Boston

Next weekend is the Boston Marathon which is awesome if you’re a runner or like eating brunch while watching people run. Boston becomes overtaken by marathon craziness during the month of April, but Boston has a lot more to offer than just pounding the pavement.

So what’s there to do if running along the Charles sounds like torture? Here are some of my favorite non-running workouts in Boston.


The great minds and bodies at FlyWheel Sports have recently brought FlyBarre classes to Boston’s FlyWheel studio in Back Bay’s Prudential Center.

I had the opportunity (hosted) to try out one of these high energy classes and it kicked my butt! FlyBarre classes are a blend of light weight training and core exercises wrapped together in relatively easy-to-follow dance moves that, coupled with the smile and enthusiasm of the instructors, makes the 45 or 60 minute class fly by. You’ll almost forget how hard you worked…until the ab soreness kicks in the next day!

flybarre boston back bay

Photo courtesy FlyWheel Sports

Back Bay Yoga

Yoga is my all time favorite exercise and Back Bay Yoga is my favorite studio in Boston. Aside from the fact that it’s close to my apartment, the awesome teachers like Renee LaBlanc and Caitlyn Graham Visconte will have you sweating your way to zen for an hour and a half. Yoga is my go-to for non-weight training workouts.

Back Bay yoga classes

Image credit Back Bay Yoga

Be Gritsy

If you want to get out of a studio, check out Be Gritsy. The movement teams up with Boston fitness instructors to create out of studio experiences around the city. With yoga, bootcamp, and some (ugh) running thrown in for good measure, Be Gritsy classes pop up all year throughout different locations in Boston.

be gritsy boston

Photo credit Be Gritsy

So if you’re looking for something to do other than running in circles pretending you’re Shalane Flanagan, check out these awesome non-running workouts in Boston.

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    • Emily says:

      I think they might be rebranding as Move With so you might want to check them out on Facebook too – Move With seems to follow the teachers around Boston so if you have a favorite, you will always know where they are!

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