just one of them days

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to crawl into a hole or curl up into a crying ball wailing:
Yeah, today is one of those days for me.  Some people call it PMS, but regardless, it sucks, and no amount of pretending everything is happy-go-lucky-look-at-my-awesome-life on the internet is going to change those days.  But you know what sucks even more, the at least-ers.
You know, those people who no matter what big or tiny thing you’re griping about decides to try to make the world a happier place by shitting rainbows and farting glitter putting it into perspective when all you want to do is lay in the aforementioned hole in the ground for a bit.  
Bad date? At least you got a free meal!
Period? At least you’re not knocked up!
Dog died? At least you got all of those years with him?
Cancer? At least it’s not AIDS!
And I’m just like
Those people suck.  Sorry, they do.  While I’m not advocating for wallowing in misery for days over burnt toast, sometimes that burnt toast is the icing on your cake.  It’s ok to cry about it and be pissed off and upset for a bit without someone telling you how good you really have it because there are starving children in Somalia or kittens being kicked somewhere.  Yes, there’s always someone who has it worse, but for right now, I’m upset, and in my world, I matter.   Those poor kids and kittens can wait until my whining is over…they will always be there.

So yeah, for those awful days, I like to have a mini pity party, take some “me” time, and then fill the rest of the day with attempts at awesomeness, like drinks with friends or a good workout, or blogging about people who piss me off.

How do you handle one of them days?
(yes, I realize it’s grammatically inaccurate, it’s a song, duh)

11 thoughts on “just one of them days

  1. Jen Herron says:

    I like to listen to really loud music, drive around town and yell road rage style at all the slow drivers. It's safe because no one can hear me and if they do see me yelling, I can just hurry up and drive in another direction. I also stress EAT the most. The cheesier or chocolaty, the better! I love the Kristin Wigg gif!!

  2. Tracey @ Talkative*TLC says:

    Wine and mac n cheese. Had one of those days last week after everything kept going wrong. Made a box of Annies to eat over two days….ate the whole box. Yup. Didn't even feel bad about it. Total stress eater over here. And definitely in sweatpants. Todays the perfect rainy day to do it.

  3. Caroline | The Caro Diaries says:

    For those days, I indulge in whatever the eff I want – usually wine and ice cream, and sob to myself in bed, blasting Fall Out Boy reallly loud! I swear it helps! At school, when I'm having one of those days, my roommates would crack a bottle of wine, put on a funny movie and let me vent for an hour. Then they'd shut me up, tell me to get over whatever I was sobbing about and call my

  4. Sarah Beth says:

    I tend to spend hours on blogs, Pinterest or Tumblr on days like that. I also tend to toss a Harry Potter movie into my dvd player, a little childhood never hurts anything &lt;3<br />Feel better soon xx<br /><br />mysmallrayofsunshine.blogspot.com

  5. Kelly Louise says:

    high five to this post! can&#39;t stand when people basically tell you that your problems are not that bad. ugh.<br />also, I&#39;m gonna go with wine as a semi-cure on days like this. usually if I&#39;m sad and drink wine, I just end up falling asleep and then the nap always helps too. wine and I usually find trashy reality tv on demand or netflix<br />hope you feel better soon 🙂

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