I’m a hacker, apparently

Since we’re talking about horrible people and things…oh wait, we’re not?  Well, I guess now we are. Anyway, on the topic of horrible people doing unspeakable things, I will divulge a secret.

I took a blogger template and hacked it.  Ok, so I probably didn’t really hack it because the only hacking I’ve ever done is has been hacking up a lung when I had a cold, but I did change the color on a template (HEX code, whut whut?!) and I feel like a badass.  I’m not sure that’s even illegal (I hope it’s not–eek!).  What’s even more radical is the fact that my color scheme was inspired my wine.  Total rebel, right?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

See the pic, total creative parallel there.  Ok, not really, but I was drinking 90+ Cellars Rosé while trying to decide on an accent color, googled HEX code “rose” and that’s what I got.  Voilá!  For a sad attempt at street cred I will even tell you that I was listening to “Homeboy” by Eric Church while cutting and pasting the aforementioned code (badasses attract other badasses) AND I haven’t done an update on my computer in WAY too long.  Be afraid, be very afraid…

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