How to Like Country Music

It’s officially summer which can only mean one thing–it’s country music time!

I realize that country music isn’t for everyone, but before you hit the little red x at the top of your screen, hear me out.  Summer is for fun and friends and enjoying the outdoors while listening to music and drinking some beers, right?  If you’ve never been to a country concert, then you’re missing out. This weekend Zac Brown Band is coming to Fenway Park in Boston and country lovers everywhere are rejoicing.

Fenway Park is a such great atmosphere that even non-country music lovers are flocking to the historic ballpark for the event.  Crazy, right?  A hipster coworker of mine is going and, knowing my penchant for twangy men in cowboy boots, asked me for some help getting into country music. Naturally I was happy to oblige with this post.

    Anything is more enjoyable with eye candy.

    Ok, that will do.

    Pick a genre based on what you like. 
    Top 40’s lovers will appreciate the pop style of Luke Bryan or Taylor Swift.  Jam banders might appreciate the aforementioned Zac Brown or Eli Young Band. Blues lovers can start with the likes of Josh Turner and Chris Young.  Jimmy Buffet types can get on board with Kenny Chesney.
    Grab a cowboy hat and some boots or go Walmart-chic in ‘Merican flags and Nascar.  
    For more inspiration, I wrote a post on this exact topic last year.
  4. DRINK.
    Grab a beer, whisky, or lemonade. Put it in a mason jar or wrap it in a koozie because it’s hot and you’re thirsty and booze (or lemonade, I guess) are delicious.
  5. ENJOY.
    You already dressed up and drinking, might as well shake your stuff to the music and have fun.  If country still isn’t your thing, at least you can say you tried!

5 thoughts on “How to Like Country Music

  1. Kate at Green Fashionista says:

    I always hated country music and I now I love Luke, Miranda, Carrie, Florida Georgia Line, etc… and just went to the Florida Country Superfest!!! I owe it all to Luke *swoon* for getting me hooked 😀

  2. Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often says:

    I am totally starting to like country more and more. I have to say though I don't get the love of Luke Bryan, totally consider him a butter face. Don't hate me! Eek. Love Lee Brice, Same Hunt, Brantly Gilbert and Blake Shelton so they would be on my list.

  3. scrapperjen says:

    Perfect checklist – I&#39;ve got all that down. Thanks – I should probably check in on this post now &amp; then to make sure I&#39;m keeping up. ;)<br />Enjoy Zac – he&#39;ll be at Wrigley this summer but I&#39;m passing it up.<br />Enjoy your weekend!

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