five truths about me

My blogger buddies, Natalia at All the Things and Candice at Just Stay Lovely both tagged me for this Truths post.  I’m flattered that they both thought I’m interesting enough to read more about.  
I used to be blonde.  I was born blonde, well hairless really, but was a blonde as a baby and a young child.  Around 11 my hair started getting darker so at 13 I began highlighting it…and didn’t stop until November 2012 when I decided to go brunette.  People who only know me as a brunette can’t imagine me as a blonde.  What do you think?

I love dressing up.  Ears, masks, funny hats, you name it. This turkey hat was a gift from my best friend for Thanksgiving this year.  She saw it and thought of me.  Naturally.

I’m a country girl at heart (see Truth Five).  I have a boundless love for country music, cowboy boots and camouflage   I know the difference between Real Tree and Mossy Oak.  I want to go muddin’ and have a farm one day.  This slightly contradicts Truth Four.

I must get a weekly manicure.  I have a horrible habit of picking my cuticles and without a manicure, my fingers will end up torn to pieces.  I justify this as a legitimate health reason for pampering. 

Not to perpetuate gender stereotypes, but I’m fairly “manly” in certain respects.  I know how to use power tools, refinish furniture, like shooting guns, and drink scotch (neat).  Some men joke that I’m more manly than they are, which is probably more fact than fiction.  I’m not afraid to get dirty, although I still freak out when I see stinkbugs in my house.  I refinished my kitchen table last year, see?  Note: This is before the poly coat on the table top.

TRUTH SIX (extra)
I’m super annoyed that the formatting of this post isn’t consistent.  It’s driving me batty but Blogger hates me and I can’t figure out the HTML.  Serves me right for copying and pasting an easy format from another blog–ahhh!

So there you go.  That was easy.  Now it’s your turn Kate,  Becky, and Steph.  

12 thoughts on “five truths about me

  1. Becky says:

    Oh how fun!!! I wish we lived by each other. You already wrote my 5 truths lol. I grew up in the country, refinished a few pieces of furniture in our house, I was blonde as a child and as I got older my hair got darker. Around 19 I started highlighting my hair and was blonde for 10+ yrs. jan 2012 I went back to a brunette. Now I&#39;m thinking of going blonde again. <br />I&#39;ve only known you

  2. Tracey @ Talkative*TLC says:

    That table top looks great! I am dying to start a big DIY project. Just waiting to find the perfect home to do so in. And I love the weekly manicure, I may need to start that one…got a mani last Friday and am loving how nice my nails still look. Soon enough the chipping will start. PS – love the red gingham shirt! 🙂

  3. Natalia { All the Things, etc } says:

    I was so excited to read your truths! You&#39;re right, I can hardly believe that you were ever a blonde. You&#39;re one of the lucky ones who can make both look completely believable. Bitch (kidding, kind of — ha!).<br /><br />I already knew that we shared a love of country music, but glad to know that I&#39;m not alone in my manicure obsession. I bite and pick at my nails and cuticles

    • Emily says:

      Haha, thanks Natalia! Looking back I think the last stages of blonde looked cheesy and brassy. It didn&#39;t help that I had a great tan in that pic :)<br /><br />I think that our manicures should be covered by health insurance as preventative measures. Otherwise, we&#39;re sure to get an infection from picking, right?! haha

  4. Kate @ Green Fashionista says:

    I hear ya on the manicures! I have to get regular pedicures, and I paint my nails every week, sometimes more than once because once they start to chip it drives me nuts! <br /><br />Thanks for the tag, I&#39;ll definitely follow up with my own post :-D<br /><br />P.S. I&#39;m unable to reply to your comments on my blog since you&#39;re a &quot;no reply blogger&quot;. I don&#39;t want you to think

    • Emily says:

      Candice, I haven&#39;t done the gel only because my nails are really strong right now and I&#39;m afraid to mess with them. Plus they grow like crazy so after 2 weeks I&#39;d have bad regrowth. I do wish my nails wouldn&#39;t chip so much though. It&#39;s always my left pinkie that chips first! Stupid tiny finger!

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