day and night: red shorts and stripes

The weather in Boston has been hot as balls lately, or if you don’t have balls, hot as the underside of your boob rubbing against an underwire.  Yesterday I saw a window washer who, after washing a window with sudsy water, went back to squeegie it off 10 seconds later but the water had already evaporated.  Yeah, it’s that hot.
While my plight isn’t as bad as a window washer standing on a scaffolding in the sun for 8 hours a day (or however long unions allow them to work in scorching heat), I’m a delicate flower and this heat is just too much for me.  Thankfully, I received a package of shorts from Old Navy’s Stuff and Save sale that I placed last week.  In it were two new pairs of their 3.5″ chino shorts in a reddish coral color and black.  I also got them in yellow but they’re hella see through and even I have standards so those puppies will be returned!  While I love my cutoffs, they’re not appropriate for all occasions so I needed some “adult shorts”, if you can call 3.5″ shorts “adult shorts”.
I love these shorts so hard that I wore them all day to work (I work at home or at Panera or anywhere with wifi) and then all night to meet a friend out for drinks.  I could have changed because they got a little wrinkled but instead ran my straightening iron over them because I’m cool like that.
Here are my two looks for these awesome shorts.  I was feeling the nautical vibe–I’m living in New England after all–and paired it with a chain link necklace and stripes.
Not pictured are mustard leather flip flops in which I smashed up my toe because I’m a klutz and might now have only 9 1/2 toenails.
I dressed up the shorts for nighttime by pairing them with some awesomely cheap wedges from Target.  If you’re wearing heels, follow the Hemisphere Rule–if you’re baring your legs, keep the top covered, if you’re bearing your boobs, cover them legs!
There’s my day and night look.  Annnnnd now I have the Kid Cudi song stuck in my head.  Awesome.

11 thoughts on “day and night: red shorts and stripes

  1. Alyssa says:

    Love the hemisphere rule! I try to always abide by it, but I've never heard it called that before. I love the whole outfit, it looks like something I would put together. Based on that, I'm certain we would be friends.

  2. Maddy says:

    Yes, love the rule name! Never heard that before but have def tried to abide by it. I even have what might be called &quot;boobphobia&quot; whereby I am afraid of my own curves and try to cover those puppies up, haha. So definitely not too revealing over here. Womp womp.<br /><br />ps LOVE those target shoes!

  3. Sara says:

    Oh my gosh the hemisphere rule is so crucial. My friends and I used to call it out all the time! I wore my wedges the other day too! They are my summer 2013 staple I think!

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