i shouldn’t be wearing these pants…but i am

Yay, summer weather is finally here!  Which totally sucks if you’ve been a fatass like me and gained 5, or um 8, pounds over the past few months.  Thanks torn ACL!
Regardless, I decided to flaunt my derriere in my white pants and hopefully distract everyone with a super bright new tank and bubble necklace.  See, it’s like you almost didn’t notice my monster thighs lurking just below this really fun shirt.  Or you didn’t, until I pointed them out to you.  Crap!  I’ll just shut up now.

Pants: American Eagle // Tank: Gap // Chambray: Old Navy // Sandals: American Eagle (similar)
Am I the only one who has a love hate relationship with white pants?

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weekend wrapup: spanish style

This weekend was fairly low key.  Although it was holiday weekend, my concussion sucked the life out of me for most of it.  I saw a specialist on Friday who recommended relaxing (what is relaxing?!), staying off the computer, and not drinking.  I know, she’s an awful person, but apparently she knows her stuff so I’m attempting to listen to her for the most part. 
I did still manage to celebrate a bit.  Today is my parents’ (and brother and sister in laws’) anniversaries. Happy Anniversary!!! On Sunday I rode along in the golf cart while they golfed then I crashed joined their dinner celebrate 40 years together.  Crazy, right?  
 We went to a super yummy Spanish restaurant.  I wore lace and a bright yellow shirt, slightly in line with the Spanish theme, but more so to cover my stomach after the paella made a mockery out of me.  I swear I heard the lobster called me a fatass, but it might have just been the concussion.

Tank: Forever 21 // Blazer: some boutique in SoHo // Jeans: American Eagle // Wedges: Anne Klein // Earrings: Stella and Dot
Jerk lobster talking trash.  Gave him a lesson on manners.

Today I will start to do a bit of that “relaxing” that the doctor recommended.  I’m off to Florida with my mom, to visit my grandma.  Delray Beach here I come!
How was your weekend?

maxi dress, camo, and stripes

Holy hotness today!  It is a blamy 88 degrees here in New Jersey and I’m ready for spring to come back or for the skies to open so that some of this humidity can go away.
Today was one of those days where I stuck my hand out the window and deemed it appropriate weather for a maxi dress with a tank top and a jacket…then as soon as I set up my camera I started sweating like a pig.  That’s when I realized that sticking my hand out the window does not qualify me as a meteorologist.  Turns out people actually go to school for meteorology.  Hmph!
This maxi dress did keep me pretty cool even in the hot temps, however I had completely forgotten about the chub rub that the summer brings.  Probably because last summer I was running and didn’t have any–womp womp 🙁   
For those of you unacquainted with “chub rub”, please eat a cheeseburger or thank your parents for superior genetics.  For everyone else, I recommend Body Glide.  It’s amazing during running but works just as well for when your thighs become friendly with each other while running errands as well.  Tip: get the men’s version, it’s cheaper, has no scent, and is easier to apply.

Maxi dress: Love Culture // Tank: Gap // Camo Jacket: Gap // Belt: Joe Fresh // Sandals: American Eagle // Bracelet (really a necklace wrapped around my arm): H&M
Also I’d like to give a special shout out to my Instagram followers who helped me decide on a sandal color today while shopping.  In accordance with the popular vote (and what I was leaning towards), I chose the bronze!  Follow me on Instagram to help me with future shopping indecision.
Is it super hot where you live today?

weekend purchases

Today was a beautiful day for enjoying the weather and getting some warm weather shopping in.  My legs are currently two shades shy of albino (sigh, this Jergens Natural Glow better start glowing soon) but that didn’t deter me from picking up these great pieces at Old Navy.

weekend purchases

weekend purchases by sassyinsequins featuring long sleeve tees

I’ve been in the market for printed shorts ever since someone mentioned it in their blog (more like everyone has mentioned them).  I picked up these black and teal paisley shorts.  They’re really cute for the summer and despite the busy print, I think they will be very versatile.  I tried them on with the coral crochet top and loved the color combo!  The paisley and the crochet will be too much together, but it gave me some great styling ideas.

The only downside to these shorts is the side pockets–why, oh why does anyone make anything with side pockets?!  They add about 2 inches to my hips so I’ll have to sew those puppies down before wearing them.  Speaking of which, who wants to teach me how to sew?  I just inherited a machine and have no idea how to use it!

The coral crochet top was on sale for $10 so I couldn’t pass it up.  I have a weakness for coral and lace/crochet so this top was a no brainer.

Also on sale for $10 was a belted striped tshirt dress.  It fit nicely and is super soft.  I tried it on in store with a red pair of flats and, had my legs been tanner and the weather been warmer, I could have walked out of the fitting room with a cute outfit on.  It’s the perfect vacation dress because you can dress it up with wedges and some fun gold bangles or throw it on over a bikini with flip flops for the beach.

Did you score any great deals this weekend?

weekend wrapup

This was a weekend filled with family and Target packages.  
My shoes arrived from my Target order last week (when shoes were buy one, get one 50% off).  I had bought the girls’ glitter flats in silver in store but ordered them online in gold.  Although they’re both cute, I decided to return both pairs.  The aforementioned wide toe box makes them look a bit too juvenile for me.  For not much more money, my leopard Payless Dexter flex flats are about 100% more comfortable. Payless makes them in both a gold glitter flat and a tan and black Chanel knockoff.  They’re currently on sale for $19.99, which is too good to pass up.
I also got my black espadrille wedges that I had tried on in store and wrote about here.  They’re super comfy and look great.  I walked around my house in them for a few minutes before my knee started to hurt so I think it’ll be a few more weeks before I wear them (which is just fine because I woke up to snow today).  
I had also ordered an E.L.F. blush from Target.  I had used an E.L.F. blush that was a dupe for Nars Orgasm and thought that the color I ordered online was the same one.  But when I got it in the mail, I realized I had ordered “Tickled Pink” instead of “Twinkle Pink” (which was unavailable from Target.com even though I had bought it in store and currently sold out online).  The color isn’t right so I will be exchanging that in store.

Twinkle Pink, perfect Nars Orgasm dupe

I’m still waiting on the fringe bikini bottoms I ordered to match that fringe bikini top that, when I ordered it last week, was only sold in stores.  Of course now I can buy it online.  Why must you do these things to me, Target?  Why can’t you sell both the top and the bottom online at the same time as when I place my order?!  

I got to spend some much needed time with my parents, brother, sister in law, nephew and baby niece this weekend.  My niece stole the show in her adorable outfits, complete with matching hair barrettes.  This budding fashionista is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (completely unbiased!). 
How was your weekend?