day and night: red shorts and stripes

The weather in Boston has been hot as balls lately, or if you don’t have balls, hot as the underside of your boob rubbing against an underwire.  Yesterday I saw a window washer who, after washing a window with sudsy water, went back to squeegie it off 10 seconds later but the water had already evaporated.  Yeah, it’s that hot.
While my plight isn’t as bad as a window washer standing on a scaffolding in the sun for 8 hours a day (or however long unions allow them to work in scorching heat), I’m a delicate flower and this heat is just too much for me.  Thankfully, I received a package of shorts from Old Navy’s Stuff and Save sale that I placed last week.  In it were two new pairs of their 3.5″ chino shorts in a reddish coral color and black.  I also got them in yellow but they’re hella see through and even I have standards so those puppies will be returned!  While I love my cutoffs, they’re not appropriate for all occasions so I needed some “adult shorts”, if you can call 3.5″ shorts “adult shorts”.
I love these shorts so hard that I wore them all day to work (I work at home or at Panera or anywhere with wifi) and then all night to meet a friend out for drinks.  I could have changed because they got a little wrinkled but instead ran my straightening iron over them because I’m cool like that.
Here are my two looks for these awesome shorts.  I was feeling the nautical vibe–I’m living in New England after all–and paired it with a chain link necklace and stripes.
Not pictured are mustard leather flip flops in which I smashed up my toe because I’m a klutz and might now have only 9 1/2 toenails.
I dressed up the shorts for nighttime by pairing them with some awesomely cheap wedges from Target.  If you’re wearing heels, follow the Hemisphere Rule–if you’re baring your legs, keep the top covered, if you’re bearing your boobs, cover them legs!
There’s my day and night look.  Annnnnd now I have the Kid Cudi song stuck in my head.  Awesome.

boston, week one

It’s been one week since I’ve been in Boston and to say that it’s been a great and crazy week is a bit of an understatement.  I’m socked with work today so here’s some pics of the week (aka Instagram dump).
Speaking of dumps, the first (and smallest) room that I unpacked was my bathroom.  I even managed to hang something up on the wall so it’s all fancy now.  
I’m slowly getting the rest of my apartment unpacked but in the meantime there are wires and boxes strewn about.
I went on an interview that didn’t go as planned…
and then cheered myself up with pretzels and beer.  I’m still on the hunt for Boston’s best soft pretzels.  I hear Harpoon brewery has some quality twists and will report back on that after the weekend.
Since I didn’t get groceries until yesterday, I staked out some of my old haunts, including an awesome Israeli place called Cafe Jaffa.  The shwarma was cheap and delicious and the owner sat down to interrupt my conversation with a cute cop–so yeah, totally a authentic Israeli experience.
I became well acquainted with the T, Boston’s subway, and now consider myself an expert on changing shoes on a moving train.  It’s way classier than doing in the street.
In the spirit of classiness and frugality, I met some girlfriends out last night for a legal networking event (read: free booze).  I got all dressed up to sweat on the roof deck, talk to my friends, and stifle giggles when old men approached us in plastic glasses of champagne.
Then I made friends with a cop, talked to him about guns and pepper spray, and he paid for my taxi home so I’d be safe.  Boston’s finest…and perhaps a new shooting buddy!
And since we’re talking guns, here’s a favorite song of mine from Selena Gomez (go ahead and judge me, she’s adorable, minus the whole Beiber thing).  Linking up with Whitney for #backthatazzup
How was your week?

red, white, and blue

Hello my pretties!
Tomorrow is July 4th, the holiday that marks two days until my birthday. How exciting is that?!  
Ok, its also the holiday that marks the birthday of the good ol’ USA so I guess its pretty exciting on it’s own.  Regardless, 4th is one of my favorite holidays.  Fun, family, friends, booze, food, and fireworks? Where do I sign up?
Here’s a July 4th inspired outfit for ya.  To be honest, I probably won’t wear it tomorrow because the forecast calls for high heat and humidity and I’ll be running around with my niece and nephew.  Also because those pants are somewhere in the 5 million boxes I’ve packed to move to Boston on Friday–oops!  I’ll likely settle on some permutation of this, which means same shirt, cutoff white or denim shorts (I’m obsessed with denim shorts in the summer) and flip flops.

Pants: American Eagle
Shirt: Gap (close enough)
Necklace: Payless
I’m also participating in Tracey’s July No Shop Challenge because moving makes my wallet hurt.

truck yeah!

Ok, so there’s no truck in this post but if you’re a fan of Tim McGraw you’ll get the reference.  For everyone else, it’s a song about, you guessed it, trucks.
Tonight I’m headed out to see Tim McGraw with Brantley Gilbert and Love and Theft.  The weather is iffy so I’m braving the mud and drunks in a white lace dress because I’m obviously insane.  If I end up soaked, at least the dress will be easier to use the facilites in than wet denim shorts.
While the chambray looks cute for the pictures now, there’s no doubt that it’ll come off in this 90 degree and 1000% humidity day.  More pics to follow tomorrow…hopefully not in parkas.

Dress: TJ Maxx, Chambray: Old Navy, Belt: Abercrombie circa 2000, Cowboy hat: Charlie 1 Horse

the green dress

You know that piece of clothing that you just love and pull out when you want to feel like a million bucks?  Perhaps it’s because someone one commented on it and called you The Girl in the Green Dress (or Red Pants Girl or Spiky High Heel Chick) and you took it to mean that you look fabulous in it instead of the fact that they might have just used it as a physical identifier?
Yeah, well I do and it’s this green dress.  I wore it last night out to a fancy steak dinner because I wanted to feel all fancy and shit.  And, while my wedges were a second choice to stilettos that I can’t wear because of my healing ACL (asshole knee), they got the job done and I felt all fancy and awesome in my green dress.

What’s your “I feel like a rockstar” piece of clothing?