another post about moving

I missed a weekend update because I was too busy packing and stressing out about packing and drinking my booze with friends so that I don’t have to pack it.  That sounds like a math equation. 
Less Booze = Less Packing = Less Stress about Moving
No, I’ve never seen a math equation with two equal signs but it makes sense, dammit!  I was clearly a straight A math student.  Or how’s this?
Lots of Booze + x = Less Stress about Moving
x = (Less Stress about Moving) – (Lots of Booze)
x = Drinking Booze
Better?  Whatever.

My apartment currently looks like a 5 year old packed it up, complete with drawings on the boxes, lest the movers can’t read.

….or in case they’re excellent readers.

It’s also important to note that it’s impossible not to feel like a serial killer when removing and folding up a shower curtain.  
Speaking of which, I went shooting this weekend with a friend to break in his new Desert Eagle.  I happened to tell my friends last night that I shot a Desert Eagle and they looked at me horrified that I would talk about killing a bird with such enthusiasm.  No, I didn’t kill a bird, but I did shoot a super large caliber hand gun without it recoiling and smacking me in the face.  Success.  Once I figured out how to get the safety off.

trenchcoat and polka dots

It’s funny what you find in your closet when you go digging around preparing to move.  I got this trenchcoat when I was in law school in 2007.  These grey pants must have been in my closet since college but I never wear them because they’re “dry clean only” and I’m cheap.  But today I decided to be adventurous, or about as adventurous and grey and black can get, and take these older pieces out for a spin. I paired them with this new polka dot shirt and wedges for a fun business casual look for work.

Trench Coat: London Fog // Blouse: Forever 21 // Pants: BCBG // Wedges: Payless

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Do you ever find clothes from 100 years ago stuck in your closet?

i think i’ll go to boston

The past two days have been absolutely crazy.  Remember in my weekend wrapup when I said I had decided to move to Boston?  Yeah, well I started looking for apartments on Monday and on Tuesday morning a friend sent me a listing for a 1 bedroom apartment, right in Back Bay(read: beautiful old Brownstone), that was perfect for me.  It was a complete fluke and after talking to the realtor about what a find it was, I called my mother and we hopped in the car to drive 4 hours to Boston, see the apartment, sign a lease, grab dinner with a friend, and then turn around 23 hours later and drive back to New Jersey.  
Crazy right?!  
It gets crazier. In less than an hour I’m leaving to drive the first 2 hours of my 14 hour road trip with girlfriends to the Kentucky Derby!  I’m about to crash go radio silent until Monday (aside from twitter and instagram, of course) so I’ll leave you with some pictures of my Boston trip and my new apartment!  

My new street!  Isn’t it pretty?

My new apartment!  Pardon the poor pictures and sloppy bedroom.  These pics are courtesy of the management company (I stole them off the website before the listing was taken down–shh!).

I move July 1 and can’t wait to move in. The best part is that almost all of my furniture will fit in the space.  I’m going to have to buy a standing wardrobe to make up for a lack of closet space though.
Ok, off to the Kentucky Derby I go!  Have a great week/weekend!
Any tips on horses I should bet on?