Sip Happens

Watch what happens when you stop being polite and start drinking wine…
A few weeks ago I attended Kate’s (Another Clean Slate) Sip Happens party!  While I had been battling eboda, or you know, the flu, during the week and felt like death warmed over, there was nothing that was going to keep me from missing her party…aside from being contagious, which I no longer was.  
So I showered for the first time in days, put on something that felt like pajamas but resembled real clothes (knit jeggings for the win) and picked up a bottle with a fun label and name for the party. Thanks, Gnarly Head Wines!  I met up with Kate, Jodi and Allena and got to meet Kerry for the first time!
Kate’s apartment was adorably decorated for the party with appetizers on sticks and a charcuterie platter that I bulldozed through.  Naturally I forgot to take any pictures of said adorableness but here’s at least a lineup of the wines we brought.
After eating my weight in cheese and crackers and this awesome chicken orzo dish that Kate made (she subbed chicken for the shrimp in the recipe) I perked up a bit.  I even managed to swap my can of seltzer for half a glass of wine.  Then we got silly.  There was some Tindering on the phone then a series of selfies trying to get Kate to put on a seductive face followed by a solid 30 minutes of belly busting laughter and snorts–I laugh like a pig and I’m damn proud of it.
Sip Happens was a great party, even though I didn’t really drink any wine.  I got to share in fun and laugher with great friends and make new ones.  Best of all, we came up with the awesome idea to do this again, with different kinds of alcohol.  So, this Friday I’m hosting a beer tasting party at my house, with these ladies, and other friends.  Thanks for a great party, Kate!

weekend wrapup: blate and aquapalooza

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had as good of a weekend as I did!
I started the weekend off right with my first blate.  I met Kate from Another Clean Slate.  We met at a Mexican restaurant where we stuffed our faces with chips, guac, and quesadillas while downing the a gigantic pitcher of spicy/sweet margaritas.  Delicious!  Since we were having so much fun, we moved the party to another restaurant, where I had joined a Mug Club earlier in the week.  I convinced Kate to join the club (you have to drink 126 of their selected beers within 6 months) because it’s always nice to have a pretty drinking buddy…not to mention that it doubles your chances of strangers buying you drinks. Huh, who said that?!
It was hot as balls in the bar and since there’s no way to look cute while sweating, we took this silly pic instead.  We had made friends with some software engineers so that we could get a spot at the bar and then one of them photobombed this otherwise adorable pic.  We called it an early night, since we both had early plans the next morning but I can’t wait to see her again soon!
My aforementioned early Saturday plans were all day boating event called Aquapalooza.  As you’re probably aware, anything with the suffix “-palooza” is guaranteed to be a fabulous shit show and this did not disappoint.  I went with two of my Boston besties on one of their friend’s boats.  Sidenote: Friends with boats are good people to know.
It was a beautiful day and thankfully not as hot out on the water as it was on land.  We linked up to a bunch of other boats for an epic party.  At one point there was a line of 14 boats linked up, half of which had big attached rafts for those who wanted to get wet but not rub feet with the corpses undoubtedly floating in the Boston Harbor.  Kidding, sort of, but I wasn’t jumping in just in case.
Dozens of these were flying as we blasted everything from 90s R&B to country.
We stayed out all day and into the night and managed to take only a few pictures.  The rest of the time I spent laughing and hiding our fancy beers from mooching strangers in lingerie bikinis.  Seriously, who invented the lingerie bikini and why?  ::shudders::
We returned back to the city as the sun was setting.  A beautiful ending to an awesome day.  The rest of the weekend I was pretty much a waste of space relaxing.

How was your weekend?
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i like girls that drink beer

The grammatically incorrect title for this post is both a shout out to my new followers from the Boozy Bloggers giveaway (heyyyy!) and in reference to my plans for tonight.  For those of you who don’t breathe country music I’m not sure how do you live with yourselves I’m going to see TOBY KEITH!

I saw him last year and he put on a great show so I’m even more excited to see him this year.  The delicious Kip Moore is opening for him so it should be a fine, fine night.

Andddddd since it’s #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney, it’s my jam for the day.

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weekend wrapup and #piclove365

I’m feeling super uninspired today.  Probablyyyy because I went out 3 nights in a row this weekend and am now exhausted.  Yeah, maybe.
I just found myself sitting down wondering what I should be doing.  Shower, is the best answer since my hair smells like stale cigarettes and hipster boy thanks to a concert venue that encourages both smoking and hipsters.  (Note: I’m neither a smoker nor a hipster, not that there’s anything wrong with that).  
So shower it is, which is undoubtedly a poor weekend wrapup but you can look at yesterday’s post to see that I went out to dinner on Saturday night and got somewhat gussied up and felt like a million bucks and disregard the fact that I feel like a crumpled up dollar bill under the seat of a car right now.
In an effort to distract from this post about nothing, I’m linking up with my #piclove365 ladies and sharing some of my favorite pics from the 5 times I remembered to hashtag pics.

This was from yesterday, where I enjoyed a lazy day at the pool.  It was just me, a crapton of sunscreen, and a bunch of screaming children.  

Some of the shells that I collected in Florida while visiting my grandmother a couple of weeks ago.  I really took home about 3x more than this if you’re wondering why Delray Beach currently has a severe lack of seashells, but I needed something to fill my summer apothecary jars.  Oops, sorry.

Coffee, because I need another cup.

How was your weekend?  Are you linking up with #piclove365 yet?