i shouldn’t be wearing these pants…but i am

Yay, summer weather is finally here!  Which totally sucks if you’ve been a fatass like me and gained 5, or um 8, pounds over the past few months.  Thanks torn ACL!
Regardless, I decided to flaunt my derriere in my white pants and hopefully distract everyone with a super bright new tank and bubble necklace.  See, it’s like you almost didn’t notice my monster thighs lurking just below this really fun shirt.  Or you didn’t, until I pointed them out to you.  Crap!  I’ll just shut up now.

Pants: American Eagle // Tank: Gap // Chambray: Old Navy // Sandals: American Eagle (similar)
Am I the only one who has a love hate relationship with white pants?

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weekend wrapup: florida

It feels like forever since I’ve blogged!
Last week I left for a trip to Florida with my mother to see my grandmother.  My grandma is 89 and not doing super well so I agreed to go down with my mom to check on things and get a mini vacay out of it.  Despite the pictures, the trip was super stressful and exhausting.  It’s amazing the effects that stress, compounded with car accident injuries, can have on your body.  Yes, I’m totally complaining about a trip to Florida.  Wah! 
We stayed at the Colony Hotel and Cabana in Delray Beach.  If you’re ever in the Delray area, I highly recommend this little hotel in the heart of downtown Delray Beach.  It has a bed and breakfast type of feel to it.  It was built in the 1920s and revamped over the years but the architecture of the hotel was really cool.  It even has the original elevator from the 1920s that is staff operated.
My mom and I spent most of the trip shuffling back and forth to grandma’s house and dodging the monsoon-like weather.  We did manage to get 2 hours in on the beach on both Tuesday and Thursday though, which was nice.  
The hotel has a private beach and cabana club with a pool.  I found this kitty there and stalked him until I got one good picture of him.  Apparently he’s a stray who calls the cabana club home.   I called him Creepy Kitty and then decided that Harold was a better name. The staff takes care of him and informed me that his name is Dimitri because he’s a Russian Blue (whatever that is, I know nothing about cats).  
Butttttt, I still called him Harold because I like old man names for animals.
Without fail, I took pictures of my outfits during the trip.  Unfortunately the lighting was best in the hotel bathroom, so there is a toilet in my pics.  I tried to keep it classy and at least put the seat down.
Once the rain cleared up I had my mom snap a few shots of me.  This is my “oh look, I’m standing on some yellow thing” look, followed by my “draw me like one of your naked French girls” pose.  Thankfully, my mother knows I’m crazy and indulged my antics.
I managed to get a little shopping in at an awesome store called Sequin.  I was a kid in a candy shop in there.  The bracelets were literally overflowing in bowls.  I tried on about 50 of them and came home with two.  
By Saturday I was soooo ready to come home.  I’m still dizzy from the concussion and my back is killing me so 5 days of heat and hotels and grandma’s 30 year old couches was my limit.  
I spent most of Saturday in the airport air conditioning because my mom likes to sit around and wait 3 hours for planes.  It was cool at least and gave us some time to decompress before coming home.
Like mother, like daughter.
How was your week/weekend?

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business casual: lace skirt and chambray

I’m leaving for my legal conference this morning (right after my eyebrow waxing, priorities yo) so I snapped some quick pics on my deck before you’ll be forced to see OOTD’s from horrible hotel lighting.  I also wanted to catch the last few rays of sunshine that I’ll be seeing for the next three days.  Not only is the conference in a hotel, but it’s in a windowless and smoke filled casino. Woe is me (sarcasm font).

Skirt: Forever 21 // Chambray: Old Navy // Cardigan: J.Crew // Belt: J.Crew // Necklace: Forever 21 // Bracelets: Forever 21 // Wedges: Payless

Am I the only one who hates the smell of casinos?

maxi skirt and chambray shirt

Today is one of those beautiful spring days where the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and I woke up with a renewed sense of vigor and productivity (the strong coffee I made didn’t hurt).  After days of rain, we’re getting up to 80 degrees in New Jersey so I’m wearing the maxi skirt I purchased back in February.  
This is my first maxi skirt.  I have plenty of maxi dresses but find skirts are usually unflattering on my shapely derriere.  The tribal print on this skirt, however, makes it a bit more forgiving.  The chambray that I styled over a plain v-neck tee also hides my hips just the right amount.  See, you almost can’t tell I won the “Most Likely to Be Mistaken for J-Lo from the Back” superlative in high school.
Skirt: Love Culture (similar) // Tee: Old Navy // Chambray: Old Navy (similar)  // Sandals: Nine West (simliar)

Teal and Gold Bracelet: Forever 21 // Gold Chain Bracelet: Yuni Kelly 
Necklace: Payless (similar)

How’s the weather where you are?  Are you finally dressing for Spring yet?

lots of dots

Apparently I was in a dot mood when putting this outfit together.  Although there are no perfect round polka dots, there are dots on my sweater, dots on my necklace and dots on my shoes.  I guess it was just that kind of a day…whatever kind of day it is when you speckle yourself, that is.

Cardigan: Old Navy // Tank: Old Navy // Jeans: Forever 21 // Flats: NY&Co // Necklace: Payless