maxi dress, camo, and stripes

Holy hotness today!  It is a blamy 88 degrees here in New Jersey and I’m ready for spring to come back or for the skies to open so that some of this humidity can go away.
Today was one of those days where I stuck my hand out the window and deemed it appropriate weather for a maxi dress with a tank top and a jacket…then as soon as I set up my camera I started sweating like a pig.  That’s when I realized that sticking my hand out the window does not qualify me as a meteorologist.  Turns out people actually go to school for meteorology.  Hmph!
This maxi dress did keep me pretty cool even in the hot temps, however I had completely forgotten about the chub rub that the summer brings.  Probably because last summer I was running and didn’t have any–womp womp 🙁   
For those of you unacquainted with “chub rub”, please eat a cheeseburger or thank your parents for superior genetics.  For everyone else, I recommend Body Glide.  It’s amazing during running but works just as well for when your thighs become friendly with each other while running errands as well.  Tip: get the men’s version, it’s cheaper, has no scent, and is easier to apply.

Maxi dress: Love Culture // Tank: Gap // Camo Jacket: Gap // Belt: Joe Fresh // Sandals: American Eagle // Bracelet (really a necklace wrapped around my arm): H&M
Also I’d like to give a special shout out to my Instagram followers who helped me decide on a sandal color today while shopping.  In accordance with the popular vote (and what I was leaning towards), I chose the bronze!  Follow me on Instagram to help me with future shopping indecision.
Is it super hot where you live today?

trenchcoat and polka dots

It’s funny what you find in your closet when you go digging around preparing to move.  I got this trenchcoat when I was in law school in 2007.  These grey pants must have been in my closet since college but I never wear them because they’re “dry clean only” and I’m cheap.  But today I decided to be adventurous, or about as adventurous and grey and black can get, and take these older pieces out for a spin. I paired them with this new polka dot shirt and wedges for a fun business casual look for work.

Trench Coat: London Fog // Blouse: Forever 21 // Pants: BCBG // Wedges: Payless

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Do you ever find clothes from 100 years ago stuck in your closet?

camo jacket

I posted about my new camo jacket in my Weekend Wrapup and today was the perfect weather to break it out.  It was chilly outside so I layered it over a thick black sweater and styled it with my studded flats.  I can’t wait until I’m back in heels because this jacket is begging to be paired with my patent leather stilettos (and possibly leather paneled pants).

Why yes, I did finally get myself a tripod and remote!

Jacket: Gap // Jeans: Forever 21 // Sweater: H&M // Necklace: Payless // Flats: Henry Ferrara

Are you as obsessed with camo as I am?

duochrome layers…just one of those days

There are certain times in a woman’s life when all you want to do is lie in bed in sweats and pretend like the world isn’t happening because you’re tired/bloated/in pain and “OMG why is this happening to me?!”  It’s on those days that I make sure to put some extra effort into getting dressed because looking good makes me feel good.  If you dress the part, the rest should fall in line and even if things don’t fall into place, at least you’ll look good doing it.  
This is my mantra for life, especially applicable to golf (I suck at golf) and those days.  
I had one of those days this week so I knew I wanted to dress comfy but cute.  I pulled out some colored stretchy skinnies and styled it with a super comfy sweater.  I wasn’t in the mood for something overly cheery so blue was the perfect color.  Blue and tan, blue and tan, blue and tan.  Skinnies and sweater, necklace and shoes, scarf and jacket.

Skinnies: Joe Fresh // Sweater: H&M // Necklace: Nordstrom // Flats: Payless // Jacket: Gap
By the time I left the house (and thanks to an extra cup of coffee and some Advil) I had less of a grimace a smile on my face and a pep in my step. 
How do you dress when you’re having one of those days?

weekend wrapup

I hope you had a good holiday weekend if you were celebrating! I spent most of my weekend relaxing but made the most the few hours that I managed to put on makeup and pants.  
Speaking of pants, I got these new jeans for American Eagle during their 40% off sale.  I love American Eagle jeans and with the sale, I couldn’t resist.  These are the jeggings, which fit like a soft cotton glove.  I’m sure I’ll end up putting my foot through one of the holes in about 2 days so I’ll make sure to wear them as much as possible before they rip to shreds.  I’m just super careful like that. 
I wore this out to dinner with a friend on Saturday night at a local bar.  I paired my artfully ripped jeans with my favorite glitter flats and motorcycle jacket for a “Don’t mess with me unless you want to get your butt kicked with glittered flats” look.  Kidding, I’m very friendly and completely unable to kick someone right now (darn ACL).

Jeans: American Eagle // Sweater: Joe Fresh // Shoes: Payless // Jacket: NY&Co.

While I was picking up these jeans at American Eagle, I also got a pair of shorts that have no business on the booty of a 28 year old (but at 40% off, were too good to pass up) and a completely respectable shirt.  I plan on wearing them together with my cowboy boots for one of the 8 country music concerts I have tickets for this summer.  I think the appropriateness of the shirt offsets the lack of fabric on the shorts…a bit.  
American Eagle
American Eagle
Note: the pockets are longer than normal short pockets so the fact that they peek out are more attributable to their long length rather than the shortness of the shorts…or at least that’s what I told myself.
The rest of my weekend was spent stuffing myself with delicious food, being lazy, and randomly sporting one of the three pairs of bunny ears that I own.  
How was your weekend?