day and night: red shorts and stripes

The weather in Boston has been hot as balls lately, or if you don’t have balls, hot as the underside of your boob rubbing against an underwire.  Yesterday I saw a window washer who, after washing a window with sudsy water, went back to squeegie it off 10 seconds later but the water had already evaporated.  Yeah, it’s that hot.
While my plight isn’t as bad as a window washer standing on a scaffolding in the sun for 8 hours a day (or however long unions allow them to work in scorching heat), I’m a delicate flower and this heat is just too much for me.  Thankfully, I received a package of shorts from Old Navy’s Stuff and Save sale that I placed last week.  In it were two new pairs of their 3.5″ chino shorts in a reddish coral color and black.  I also got them in yellow but they’re hella see through and even I have standards so those puppies will be returned!  While I love my cutoffs, they’re not appropriate for all occasions so I needed some “adult shorts”, if you can call 3.5″ shorts “adult shorts”.
I love these shorts so hard that I wore them all day to work (I work at home or at Panera or anywhere with wifi) and then all night to meet a friend out for drinks.  I could have changed because they got a little wrinkled but instead ran my straightening iron over them because I’m cool like that.
Here are my two looks for these awesome shorts.  I was feeling the nautical vibe–I’m living in New England after all–and paired it with a chain link necklace and stripes.
Not pictured are mustard leather flip flops in which I smashed up my toe because I’m a klutz and might now have only 9 1/2 toenails.
I dressed up the shorts for nighttime by pairing them with some awesomely cheap wedges from Target.  If you’re wearing heels, follow the Hemisphere Rule–if you’re baring your legs, keep the top covered, if you’re bearing your boobs, cover them legs!
There’s my day and night look.  Annnnnd now I have the Kid Cudi song stuck in my head.  Awesome.

boston, week one

It’s been one week since I’ve been in Boston and to say that it’s been a great and crazy week is a bit of an understatement.  I’m socked with work today so here’s some pics of the week (aka Instagram dump).
Speaking of dumps, the first (and smallest) room that I unpacked was my bathroom.  I even managed to hang something up on the wall so it’s all fancy now.  
I’m slowly getting the rest of my apartment unpacked but in the meantime there are wires and boxes strewn about.
I went on an interview that didn’t go as planned…
and then cheered myself up with pretzels and beer.  I’m still on the hunt for Boston’s best soft pretzels.  I hear Harpoon brewery has some quality twists and will report back on that after the weekend.
Since I didn’t get groceries until yesterday, I staked out some of my old haunts, including an awesome Israeli place called Cafe Jaffa.  The shwarma was cheap and delicious and the owner sat down to interrupt my conversation with a cute cop–so yeah, totally a authentic Israeli experience.
I became well acquainted with the T, Boston’s subway, and now consider myself an expert on changing shoes on a moving train.  It’s way classier than doing in the street.
In the spirit of classiness and frugality, I met some girlfriends out last night for a legal networking event (read: free booze).  I got all dressed up to sweat on the roof deck, talk to my friends, and stifle giggles when old men approached us in plastic glasses of champagne.
Then I made friends with a cop, talked to him about guns and pepper spray, and he paid for my taxi home so I’d be safe.  Boston’s finest…and perhaps a new shooting buddy!
And since we’re talking guns, here’s a favorite song of mine from Selena Gomez (go ahead and judge me, she’s adorable, minus the whole Beiber thing).  Linking up with Whitney for #backthatazzup
How was your week?


As a blogger I find myself doing things that other people would be otherwise embarrassed about.  Today, as I was completely self absorbed in the act of photographing myself on my deck, some neighbors walked by.  I could hear them walking with their dog ::step step, pitter patter, step step, pitter patter:: and kept on with my shoot ::beep beep, click::  turn and look away ::beep beep, click:: turn and look at the ground ::beep beep, click::
But no more step step, no more pitter patter.  I looked around to see two people and a dog staring up at me, quizzically.  It was as though they’d never seen a woman taking pictures of herself in the middle of the day on the deck.
I returned the quizzical look.  Did they not understand the importance of documenting my outfits for no one in particular?  ::step step pitter patter step step pitter patter:: and they had moved on, likely laughing at the strange woman on her deck.  Which caused me to laugh, perhaps maniacally, at the thought that these unsuspecting people (and their dog) had borne witness to my weirdness.
::beep beep, click, beep beep, click::

Jeans: American Eagle // Sweater: Joe Fresh // Jacket: Forever 21 // Necklace: similar // Heels: Target
Has anyone ever caught you being a weird blogger?

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weekend wrapup: spanish style

This weekend was fairly low key.  Although it was holiday weekend, my concussion sucked the life out of me for most of it.  I saw a specialist on Friday who recommended relaxing (what is relaxing?!), staying off the computer, and not drinking.  I know, she’s an awful person, but apparently she knows her stuff so I’m attempting to listen to her for the most part. 
I did still manage to celebrate a bit.  Today is my parents’ (and brother and sister in laws’) anniversaries. Happy Anniversary!!! On Sunday I rode along in the golf cart while they golfed then I crashed joined their dinner celebrate 40 years together.  Crazy, right?  
 We went to a super yummy Spanish restaurant.  I wore lace and a bright yellow shirt, slightly in line with the Spanish theme, but more so to cover my stomach after the paella made a mockery out of me.  I swear I heard the lobster called me a fatass, but it might have just been the concussion.

Tank: Forever 21 // Blazer: some boutique in SoHo // Jeans: American Eagle // Wedges: Anne Klein // Earrings: Stella and Dot
Jerk lobster talking trash.  Gave him a lesson on manners.

Today I will start to do a bit of that “relaxing” that the doctor recommended.  I’m off to Florida with my mom, to visit my grandma.  Delray Beach here I come!
How was your weekend?

what to wear to a professional convention

Tomorrow I’m headed out to Atlantic City for the New Jersey State Bar Association annual convention.  I started attending legal conventions last year and this one will be my third (my fourth will be in San Francisco for the American Bar Association in August!).  Conventions and professional conferences are great for networking for business contacts, future employment, and for making friends.  You never know who you’ll meet!  I met one of my best friends in New Jersey at last years NJ convention and the people I went skiing with when I tore my ACL are friend I met at conference in Nashville!  
For my first convention I had no idea where to start with packing:  Would I need to wear a full business suit?   Are dresses ok?  What about flat shoes?  If you’re in a conservative industry (legal, accounting, finance, teaching, etc.) then here are some ideas that might help you.  Short answer: no suit needed.
This means wear clothes that fit correctly, that you don’t have to adjust every 2 minutes, and that you feel like you look good in.  Looking good means feeling good and for networking you want to feel your best.
That skintight dress might make you feel great, but it won’t get you any bonus points with the more seasoned members of your profession.  This is your opportunity to be taken seriously.  Dress for the job you want.  
Skirts should be around the knee.  Pencil skirts are fine as long as they’re loose enough to sit down in.  Rock a v-neck but hide your cleavage with a camisole underneath.  Sleeveless tops are generally ok, spaghetti straps are not.  It’s always better to err on the side of more conservative.
A good general rule is to stay away from anything skin tight, animal print, or metallic.  Sorry, Katy Perry.
Do not wear anything that looks like this:
Conference rooms are always cold.  Bring a cardigan or a blazer because you will, invariably, find yourself freezing.
Some professions are known for being devoid of color.  The legal profession is one of them.  That doesn’t mean that you have to be a sheep!  Don’t be afraid of patterns (except for animal print) and colors.  Color makes you stand out in the crowd a bit, which is good when you’re networking.  Just don’t go overboard.
This week I’ll be wearing printed pants, a hot pink blazer, and a flame orange blouse (obviously not all together). 
You’ll be walking and standing around a lot.  Wedges and heels less than 3 inches are good for this.  Professional conventions aren’t the place to break in your new stilettos.  Peep toes are ok, strappy sandals are not.  Subtle platforms are ok, lucite heels are not.  Flats are acceptable to wear as long as the rest of your outfit is professional, as flats have a way of styling down an outfit. 
You’re going to be getting business cards, pamphlets, free stress balls, bottles of water, and tons of other stuff to carry around.  Make sure you bring a bag that’s big enough to hold these things and to wear on your arm.  It makes it easier when you’re holding a glass of wine in one hand and shaking hands with the other (Tip: Always hold your drink in your left hand so you can shake with your right).
Most conventions have events at night.  Check the social calendar ahead of time if there is one.  Sometimes there are theme nights or black tie dinners.  Pack appropriately.  If there’s a Western night at a convention in Texas, pack that hat and bandana!  You won’t be the only one dressed up and your outfit will be a great ice breaker!

This depends on your industry, but it’s my opinion that your Christian Louboutin shoes and screaming designer purses should be left at home, especially if you’re a young woman in your industry.  People will notice you if you’re well put together but a walking advertisement of how much money on spent on your outfit can be misinterpreted and take the focus off of what’s really important while networking: YOU.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.  Cheesy as that sounds, it’s true.  Conventions are long and tiring and can be nerve wracking if you’re new.  People are friendly and welcoming to happy people. So smile while networking.

Bring plenty of business cards, stockings (I personally don’t wear them but a lot of people do), and load up on free food!  Careful with the free drinks!  Be friendly and collect business cards–you never know who you’ll meet!  Send LinkedIn requests and follow up emails to potential contacts when you get home from the convention. Have fun!