the best part of your day

Last night I went to a yoga class.  The instructor walked in and proudly said, “Welcome to the best part of your day!”.  I brushed it off and the class started.  The various poses challenged me, made me feel strong and accomplished, and left me with an excuse to chow down on meatloaf when I got home.
Too many hours later, when I finally dragged my sweaty self into the shower, I thought back on what my yoga instructor had said.  My shower is my thinking place (which is quite unfortunate when I come up with genius blog ideas and can’t write them down) and I stood there with the hot water beating down on my sore body, I realized she was right.  It WAS the best part of my day.  Reflecting back on it made me happy and fulfilled and relaxed.  But you don’t have to be a yogi (or a woman who picked up yoga as an excuse to wear $80 Lululemon yoga pants) to feel this way.
At the risk of sounding like a Kool-Aid-chugging, inspirational-quote-posting-internet-weirdo, last night I learned something.  It’s important to take the time to reflect on each day and pick out the best thing that happened to you.  Maybe it was a win at work; an awesome meal you prepared; catching up with a loved one; or the fact that you were in an awful mood and managed not to kill someone; but everyday we should find whatever it was that was the best part of our day and reflect on that.
…and now I realize that I have become that person who pukes rainbows.  Who am I?!

Also, today is my Mom’s birthday, which undoubtedly makes it an awesome day!  Happy Birthday, Mom–I love you!

maxi skirt and chambray shirt

Today is one of those beautiful spring days where the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and I woke up with a renewed sense of vigor and productivity (the strong coffee I made didn’t hurt).  After days of rain, we’re getting up to 80 degrees in New Jersey so I’m wearing the maxi skirt I purchased back in February.  
This is my first maxi skirt.  I have plenty of maxi dresses but find skirts are usually unflattering on my shapely derriere.  The tribal print on this skirt, however, makes it a bit more forgiving.  The chambray that I styled over a plain v-neck tee also hides my hips just the right amount.  See, you almost can’t tell I won the “Most Likely to Be Mistaken for J-Lo from the Back” superlative in high school.
Skirt: Love Culture (similar) // Tee: Old Navy // Chambray: Old Navy (similar)  // Sandals: Nine West (simliar)

Teal and Gold Bracelet: Forever 21 // Gold Chain Bracelet: Yuni Kelly 
Necklace: Payless (similar)

How’s the weather where you are?  Are you finally dressing for Spring yet?