Townie: Night Shift Brewery

Last weekend I participated in one of Boston’s newest “cultural” experiences–the taproom at Night Shift Brewing.  Although the brewery has been around since 2012, the taproom is brand spanking new, as it just opened on May 22.  Some people might not think of a taproom as culture, hence the air quotes, but I’m pleased to report that in terms of craft beer, this was a decidedly awesome experience.

I headed out to Night Shift with a self-described food nerd friend.  While he doesn’t exactly share my love of malted hops, he has a car, and my charm was enough to convince him to chauffeur me to Everett, MA in search of the Boston area’s newest taproom.  The ride to the taproom was super easy considering I was the passenger, but my chauffeur insisted that it was fairly convenient and in close proximity to Costco, a fun fact that I refused to let him act upon.  While I may be desperate for a ride, I do have standards and trolling for food samples on a Saturday isn’t my cup of tea.

The taproom felt straight out of Denver, Colorado.  No stranger to drinking establishments, I had visited the Denver Beer Company while out West for a wedding last year and Night Shift was creepily reminiscent of that great experience.

From the picnic tables to the bathroom placement, it was like I had been transported back to Colorado a year later, almost to the day, complete with a beer drinking selfie in a blue striped shirt. Weird.

The only thing missing was outdoor tables (thanks Massachusetts blue laws), a dog friendly space, and board games.  There’s hope for at least one out of the three.

I got a flight of 4, which for $8 was a good deal for 16oz of beer.  There were 6 beers available to taste and 7 if you’re a member of their club.  However, only 4 of the 6 were available as part of the flight.  I tasted them all–Trifecta, En Garde, Viva Habanero, and Jojo…and then I got a 4oz sample of the Ever Weiss and Simple Sour…and brought home 5 bottles.  I was in a sour beer mood and took advantage of the three sour beers on the menu (En Garde, Ever Wisse, and Simple Sour) although the Viva Habanero was also a favorite solely for being the first habanero beer to ever grace my palate.

Other tasters commented on the Trifecta which appeared to be a taproom favorite.  While it did have a good flavor, I’m not the biggest Belgian style fan unless it’s a triple or a quad.  If you’re going to throw a beer at me that will sit like a stone, you better make it count.  For those who don’t drink or who were suckered into driving, there are non-alcoholic options as well.

Current laws prevented there from being food at Night Shift so they have a BYOF policy.  I wish we had gone there on a day when there were food trucks, as I could have used some sustenance, but no one ever went to a taproom to eat.  That being said, I can’t wait to go back to drink.

call for boozers!

In case you weren’t aware that I’m a bit spastic, I’m letting you know now, in this post, in which I freak out over a super important life decision that I don’t the answer to:
I have an (almost) entire day in Denver, Colorado and I don’t know which taprooms to go to!
See, I knew you’d understand.  Now, if there’s some taproom guru out there who wants to help me and take this daunting task off my plate, please chime in now (and where have you been my whole life?).  In the meantime, here’s the issue that I’m facing and why my decision is so hard.
I’m going to Denver this weekend for a girlfriend’s wedding–yay, yippe, love! I purposely went a day early (the wedding is on Sunday, rehearsal Saturday night) so that I could stumble wander around Denver and drink my way through explore the finest taprooms that the Rockies have to offer.  Priorities, yo.
I’m staying in LoDo, apparently the acronym for Lower Downtown.  My friend suggested I hit up 16th street because there are “tons of bars and breweries and stuff” but a cursory Googling revealed she’s a lying liar who lies (aka an amateur who doesn’t understand my fondess for craft beer hoppy goodness).  Thankfully Google also revealed a walking tour of LoDo to LoHi (whatever that’s short for) but it only covers Wynkoop, Rock Bottom, Denver Beer Company, Ale House, and Prost.
That’s 5 taprooms, so that’s enough, right?
Yeah….no.  You don’t go to the Napa Valley of Beers to go to only 5 taprooms.  You just don’t.  The problem is that I have limited time to hang out drinking beer (see aforementioned wedding festivities) so I need to prioritize, buuuuuuut I can’t prioritize places that I’ve never heard of in a city that I’ve never been to! Ahhh! ::cue spaz attack::
So, here’s my list.  If you or someone you know has been to any of these places, please help.  This is an urgent matter.

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