weekend wrapup: made in america

As I mentioned on Friday, this weekend I went to a Toby Keith concert.  If you’re not a fan, then you can’t fully appreciate the title of this post, which is an awesome song of his, but I still love you anyway (just a little less).
I suited up in my country finest on Friday afternoon and headed out to tailgate.  I picked up my friend, Colin, who was accompanying me to the concert and he informed me that my uber-adorable American flag bull skull shirt that I was super excited to wear looked like…the female anatomy.  
Sidebar: He’s also the guy who took my profile pic and the pics that created the hilarious gif on my About Me page.  Congrats buddy, you’re famous now.
That didn’t deter me from having a good time.  My vagina shirt and I were happy to “Get my Drink On” so whatevs.
This was Colin’s first country concert and I properly popped his cherry with some heavy tailgating and picture taking.
Yes, those are mutton chops he’s sporting. No one has any idea whats going on with them but they’re ridiculous.  I did suggest that perhaps he should become a Battle of Gettysburg reenactor if he keeps up with the crazy facial hair.  Of course he guffawed in my face, as people tend to do when you’re wearing a large American flag vagina on your shirt.  To which the only appropriate response was to take off my shirt and tailgate in a bikini and that shut him up for a bit.  Then his mutton chops wanted to take this awesome picture of me and our cowboy boots and all was forgiven.
We even made a new friend (as you tend to do when you’re tailgating with bourbon and everyone else has Miller Lite) who looked like Brad Paisley (no joke, and I totally should have gotten a pic but I didn’t). Instead we took a picture with his boots because, priorities.  The Brad Paisley look alike had a gynecologist friend who he introduced us to and then boys spent a good few minutes pointing out the fallopian tubes and uterus on my new not so favorite shirt.  
Like any good friend who’s paying for the tickets, I made Colin schlep two chairs into the stadium that we didn’t even use.  He and his mutton chops were a good sport and they even bought us some overpriced craft beers
I posed for a picture in front of the stadium as proof that I was there before swigging down the bourbon that we smuggled in.  Sidebar: PNC Arts Center has a potential security breach that I will be happy to share with them after I smuggle more booze in at another concert next week. Amateurs.
See I was there.
The concert was awesome–vagina shirt and mutton chop approved.  We hung out in the parking lot waiting for traffic to subside and rumor has it I might have used a porta potty in the dark because I’m classy like that.

How was your weekend?

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i like girls that drink beer

The grammatically incorrect title for this post is both a shout out to my new followers from the Boozy Bloggers giveaway (heyyyy!) and in reference to my plans for tonight.  For those of you who don’t breathe country music I’m not sure how do you live with yourselves I’m going to see TOBY KEITH!

I saw him last year and he put on a great show so I’m even more excited to see him this year.  The delicious Kip Moore is opening for him so it should be a fine, fine night.

Andddddd since it’s #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney, it’s my jam for the day.

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happy friday!

Today I’m linking up for High Five for Friday!  It doesn’t even feel like a Friday to me, probably because the weekend weather is supposed to be crappy so I don’t have much planned.  Oh well, it’s still Friday so yay!

This week I was pretty busy.
1. I started the week off on Sunday seeing Rascal Flatts!  It was a great show and the weather held off until the very end when it started to rain.  The Band Perry opened and dayum, that girl can sing!  I like them better live than on the radio!  I had to laugh because the weather was so humid that Kimberly had to put her big ol’ head of hair back into a ponytail.  Any country lovers know what I’m talking about.  It looked really good (hint hint, Kim)
2. I had a friend over for dinner, aka “come eat all of the frozen food I have before I move in less than a month”.  I successfully fed him half of my frozen chicken breasts via crockpot BBQ pulled chicken then whipped up some sweet potato fries and a salad.  It got the “I’m not wasting room on salad, give me more BBQ chicken and fries” seal of approval ūüôā
3. I got a part time job to supplement my shopping and travel expenses–yay!  I’ll be grading bar prep essays for the next several weeks.  I have a newfound respect for teachers after grading 23 of the same papers in a row.  You may have heard me shouting at my computer out of frustration–read the directions, people!!!   Only about 200 more to go…for this week!
4. A friend sent me a care package.  I love care packages and I love friends who send them!  He knows I’m going through a tough time since the car accident and sent me some fun graphic tees (one from the Little Rock Film Festival) and a Garden and Gun magazine subscription!  What a nice southern gentlemen to try to Southernify (yes, that’s a word!) me as I move further North!
5. I packed more boxes for my move to Boston.  Less than a month away now!  Eeeek!
How was your week?

being responsible is lame

Remember the country concerts I was so excited about two posts ago?  The ones that I planned a bajillion outfits for this summer?  Yeah, well, I’m selling tickets to half of them because I’m a responsible adult…and it sucks.
The whole moving to Boston thing has gotten in the way of my summer concert series.  The nerve.  If this isn’t a total FWP (First World Problem, keep up with me now), I don’t know what is.  Wah, my awesome new life in Boston means I have to miss my country concerts!   
See, the thing is that even though I had bought the tickets before deciding to move, all along (you know, in the past 3 weeks since I decided to move) I had told myself I’d come in for the concerts.  Sure, it’ll be no big deal, drive up, see a concert, drive back, yadda yadda yadda.  Then I thought about actual act of driving 4 hours, paying for gas and tolls, driving another 4 hours back the next morning, etc. and realized that those concerts would be the most expensive $25 lawn tickets ever.  Lame.
Then I looked at my calendar and saw that I inadvertently booked a trip to San Francisco the weekend of the Kenny Chesney concert.  Grrr!  To top it off, there were too many moving parts this week for the Brad Paisley concert (I have a 3 day work conference that spans that day) and I pulled the trigger.  I put the tickets up on creepy Craigslist and got a bite.  Brad Paisley, gone.  The same guy is buying my tickets to Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, and maybe Kenny Chesney.  So sad, so lame, wah!
However, there is one concert that I would drive to hell and back (or 8 hours roundtrip) for.  
Luke Bryan.  
As responsible as I might be, there’s nothing that can keep me from that man and his tight jeans.  Nothing.
I might be responsible, but I’ll be seeing this man on August 24th and screaming like a 12 year old girl all night long.
(I’m also still seeing Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, and Tim McGraw so I guess it’s not soooo bad!)

what to wear to a country concert

It’s officially summer which means that it’s country concert time and time for the perfect county concert outfit. When you’re out there shaking it for Luke Bryan you’re going to want to look good, right? So here’s a guide to what to wear to a country concert so you can be the tanned-legged Juliet to some Redneck Romeo.

First, cutoffs. For those of you who are anti-cutoffs, I apologize in advance, however I love them and practically live in cutoffs during the summer. They’re the quintessential country concert wear.

Here are some good pairs to get you started. ¬†Personally, I love American Eagle’s shorts because they’re soft and stretchy and go on sale pretty often!

Target // American Eagle
American Eagle // Target
Tops for a country music concert run the gambit from edgy to patriotic to redneck.  As long as it looks good with cowboy boots, go for it!
1 // 2 // 3
4 // 5 // 6
7 // 8 // 9

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of chambray and a country concert is a great excuse to get your chambray on!

Another option is a lace dresses that can be paired with boots and a denim jacket for a more feminine style.
Are you going to any country concerts this summer?  What are you wearing?