weekend wrapup: roof decks and a boy band

Ever have one of those weekends when you think to yourself, “Is this really my life?  Am I really friends with people who have awesome roof decks and am I seriously hanging out with a 2-hit-wonder band from the 90’s?”

No?  Guess it’s just me.

On Friday night I met up with friends of friends who have an amazing roof deck.  We had wine and cheese and wine and more wine.  The view of Boston from the roof deck was amazing and these friends are now my friends because who doesn’t need friends who have a roof deck?

Saturday I went to the feast of some Saint in the North End.  I’m not exactly sure who the Saint was or why she was so saintly, but the street was closed down for a big festival and there was music playing and fun to be had. The highlight of the night was catching an All-4-One concert.  You might remember them from their hit song “I Swear” that was popular back in middle school.  There were many a school dance in which I danced 6 inches from a boy to this song.  It brought back great memories.  The crazy girls I was with pushed us up to the front of the stage, which totally made us feel like rockstars at a free concert.
But because we’re cooler than the average bear, we had the chance to meet All-4-One after the show. Truthfully, one of the girls in the group’s landlord put the festival together and invited us to meet them after the show in his Italian-totally-legit-and-not-mafiaoso-like-at-all underground bar/meeting room.  The room was like straight out of a movie, with added cultural diversity.
After my Italian friend convinced everyone that we were 12 seconds from being busted by cops with billy clubs and eating metal from the ends of a Tommy gun, we hightailed it out of that joint and headed to a decidedly classier bar on the water where a sign directed us to check in with the boat Captain.
My weekend wasn’t fabulously weird at all.  How was yours?

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weekend wrapup: blate and aquapalooza

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had as good of a weekend as I did!
I started the weekend off right with my first blate.  I met Kate from Another Clean Slate.  We met at a Mexican restaurant where we stuffed our faces with chips, guac, and quesadillas while downing the a gigantic pitcher of spicy/sweet margaritas.  Delicious!  Since we were having so much fun, we moved the party to another restaurant, where I had joined a Mug Club earlier in the week.  I convinced Kate to join the club (you have to drink 126 of their selected beers within 6 months) because it’s always nice to have a pretty drinking buddy…not to mention that it doubles your chances of strangers buying you drinks. Huh, who said that?!
It was hot as balls in the bar and since there’s no way to look cute while sweating, we took this silly pic instead.  We had made friends with some software engineers so that we could get a spot at the bar and then one of them photobombed this otherwise adorable pic.  We called it an early night, since we both had early plans the next morning but I can’t wait to see her again soon!
My aforementioned early Saturday plans were all day boating event called Aquapalooza.  As you’re probably aware, anything with the suffix “-palooza” is guaranteed to be a fabulous shit show and this did not disappoint.  I went with two of my Boston besties on one of their friend’s boats.  Sidenote: Friends with boats are good people to know.
It was a beautiful day and thankfully not as hot out on the water as it was on land.  We linked up to a bunch of other boats for an epic party.  At one point there was a line of 14 boats linked up, half of which had big attached rafts for those who wanted to get wet but not rub feet with the corpses undoubtedly floating in the Boston Harbor.  Kidding, sort of, but I wasn’t jumping in just in case.
Dozens of these were flying as we blasted everything from 90s R&B to country.
We stayed out all day and into the night and managed to take only a few pictures.  The rest of the time I spent laughing and hiding our fancy beers from mooching strangers in lingerie bikinis.  Seriously, who invented the lingerie bikini and why?  ::shudders::
We returned back to the city as the sun was setting.  A beautiful ending to an awesome day.  The rest of the weekend I was pretty much a waste of space relaxing.

How was your weekend?
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