Lovesac Event at the Liberty Hotel

Last week I had the opportunity to lounge on couches and drink cocktails with friends and other fabulous people. While I sometimes drink on my couch with people who I would consider pretty great, I’m talking about an event sponsored by Lovesac at Boston’s Liberty Hotel.

lovesac event liberty hotel

Lovesac is  furniture company like no other, bringing the beanbag chair to another level with their pillow-like Sacs and revolutionizing the sectional with their line of Sactionals. My blogger bestie Caitlin and I joined fellow bloggers Elissa and Liz (pictured below) and others for a night of chatting and lounging and picture taking with Lovesac founder Shawn Nelson. Shawn’s a dad of 4 who invented the nearly indestructible Lovesac, Sactional, and the Footsac. All attendees of the event went home with a Footsac, which is pretty much the most comfortable blanket in the world with a pocket for your feet!

lovesac boston sactional event

I had seen the Sacs before but was blown away by the Sactional couches. Boasting a wide variety of colors and styles, the Sactionals can be arranged and rearranged in nearly any permutation that you can imagine. They’re also good for jumping, if you have kids or enjoy acting like a 5 year old.

lovesac sactionalLovesac sponsored the event to create a buzz about their partnership with Gentle Giant Moving Company for Boston’s Annual Moving Day of September 1st. That’s today, so if you’re moving, mention your struggle on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using #MovingDayLove and you could win big!

Attendance at this event and the Footsac I went home with were compliments of Lovesac, but all opinions and couch love are my own. 

Spooky World

Spooky World | Sassy in Sequins Someone once said, do one thing everyday that scares you. I spent an evening at Spooky World Nightmare in New England and have now filled up my quota of scary things for the rest of the year.

Going to a place called Spooky World seemed like a silly idea for someone who get spooked by a fallen leaf blowing in the breeze, but when the opportunity to go for free with other bloggers through Blog and Tweet Boston arose, I couldn’t say no. So a couple of weeks ago I headed up to Litchfield, New Hampshire with Kate (Another Clean Slate) and Kerry (Till Then Smile Often) on a rainy Saturday night to attend the Blog and Tweet Boston event at Spooky World. 
Both Kate and Kerry are fans of scary things so they enjoyed the 5 haunts a bit more than I did. From the moment we arrived, I was freaked out. The rain only added to the creepiness of the night. 
We started out with a backstage tour to see some of the 300 actors getting their makeup done which was really impressive. It was also nice to see the actors out of character before going into the haunts. I’m always afraid there’s going to be one legitimate sociopath who sneaks into these things, pretends to be an actor, and then grabs, kidnaps, tortures, and kills someone.  YOU NEVER KNOW!
Photo credit: Kerry (Till Then Smile Often)
Thankfully Kerry was nice enough to let me hold her hand through all of the haunts. After the first two we decided to take a break and indulge in some food for strength, and possible courage. I gnawed on a turkey leg almost solely for the photo op, as I quickly realized after the first bite that I’m not a huge fan of turkey on the bone. Give me some sliced up deli turkey any day but real turkey just isn’t for me. It didn’t help that Kate told me it was really emu, as the rumors online suggest. I’m still not sure what I ate that night but I had fun doing it.
After filling up on mystery meat, we continued through the rest of the haunts. The rain was coming down hard and I could barely see through my glasses. I had the genius idea to take my spectacles off while walking through the haunts. It was slightly safer than closing my eyes and having Kerry lead me through–yes I was THAT scared–and it turned each haunt into a game–haha, I can’t see you so I’m not scared, la dee dah!
My favorite haunt was one through a junk yard which was probably the least scary of them all. There was a creepster who followed us out the haunt and let us take a fun picture with him.
Photo credit: Kerry (Till Then Smile Often)
All in all it was a fun spooky night, but I won’t be going back anytime soon. One scary attraction a year is enough for me! Thanks for a great night Blog and Tweet Boston, thanks to Kate for getting our butts there and back safely, and thanks Kerry for holding my hand!

Townie: Whisk at Wink and Nod

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of all things friend and food related.  So when I heard about the Blogger event at Whisk at Wink and Nod, I was all over it.  
For those not in the know, Wink and Nod is a new speakeasy in Boston’s South End.  Literally underground, Wink and Nod is a Prohibition Era-esque swanky joint full of beautiful people and inventive drinks.  Phillip Kruta, Charlie Mai, and Jeremy Kean are the masterchefs at Whisk, the pop-up restaurant that has been taking over Boston’s minds and bellies.  Usually not one to buy into the hype, I’m happy to report that Whisk didn’t disappoint.
As part of our exclusive dining experience, a 6 course tasting menu was bestowed upon us.  The was an option for a wine or scotch pairing that I regret not having chosen.  Wink and Nod has an impressive selection of scotches that are part of a hashtagged scotchclub (#scotchclub), the details to which I am not privy.  No stranger to booze clubs, this sounds equal parts tempting and dangerous.
The food was delicious and like any bad blogger, I sorely disappointed with the food pictures.  Between the dim lighting; my lack of artistic flair; and growling stomach, the most rewarding shots were of empty plates.  I managed to get some type of photograph of the first 4 courses, which I found to the be the best.
The Strawberry Gazpacho with Island Creek Oyster, fennel and smoke blew my taste buds away.  I won’t pretend to be a food blogger or critic boasting about how the flavors were married together in a complementary semblance of smokey and sweet, ersumthing.  But it was good, really good.
The second course of Black Bass with red faro, cara cara organge, and burnt ponzo was impressive enough to yield only an empty plate.  It was difficult to find a balance between wanting to appreciate the flavors and gobble down this awesome dish.
Perhaps my favorite course of the night was the inventive Foie Gras Torchon with white chocolate veloute, sea scallop and lime.  A pairing of flavors that I would not have anticipated yet found absolutely delightful.
The Kalbi Shortrib with cherry, shimenii and tiny veggies was also delicious and adorable to boot. I was blown away by both the flavors of the shortrib and the accompanying itty bitty vegetables.
As always, the perhaps the best part of the night was the company.  I had the pleasure of being seated with Jil and Agnes, two talented and hilarious bloggers.
The night wrapped up with some raffle prizes from Rebecca Ray and a swag bag complete with a Blue Mercury gift card and samples, a print by Kal Barteski, sparkly hair ties from My Kitsch, a nautical inspired bracelet from Kiel James Patrick, and the beautifully creative Flying Wish Paper.
Many thanks and congratulations to Jill at Infinitely Jill on an awesome blogger event!

Boston Bloggers Event Recap

Boston Blogger Highball Lounge Happy Hour

Only a week late but better late than pregnant, right?
Last week was the Boston Bloggers event at Highball Lounge.  Jodi and I were doing a raffle for our MS Challenge walk that we’re doing with Kate.  The event was super fun and featured awesome cocktails thanks to the killer bartenders and a super fun photo booth by The Danger Booth that I should have taken better advantage of.  You know how I love pics of myself.

I had a blast meeting some new blogger friends as well as seeing old ones.  Jodi, Kate, and I made about $130 each that went directly to our fundraiser to fight MS and some very lucky bloggers got to take home fun prizes.

Thanks Boston Bloggers for a great event!

Sip Happens

Watch what happens when you stop being polite and start drinking wine…
A few weeks ago I attended Kate’s (Another Clean Slate) Sip Happens party!  While I had been battling eboda, or you know, the flu, during the week and felt like death warmed over, there was nothing that was going to keep me from missing her party…aside from being contagious, which I no longer was.  
So I showered for the first time in days, put on something that felt like pajamas but resembled real clothes (knit jeggings for the win) and picked up a bottle with a fun label and name for the party. Thanks, Gnarly Head Wines!  I met up with Kate, Jodi and Allena and got to meet Kerry for the first time!
Kate’s apartment was adorably decorated for the party with appetizers on sticks and a charcuterie platter that I bulldozed through.  Naturally I forgot to take any pictures of said adorableness but here’s at least a lineup of the wines we brought.
After eating my weight in cheese and crackers and this awesome chicken orzo dish that Kate made (she subbed chicken for the shrimp in the recipe) I perked up a bit.  I even managed to swap my can of seltzer for half a glass of wine.  Then we got silly.  There was some Tindering on the phone then a series of selfies trying to get Kate to put on a seductive face followed by a solid 30 minutes of belly busting laughter and snorts–I laugh like a pig and I’m damn proud of it.
Sip Happens was a great party, even though I didn’t really drink any wine.  I got to share in fun and laugher with great friends and make new ones.  Best of all, we came up with the awesome idea to do this again, with different kinds of alcohol.  So, this Friday I’m hosting a beer tasting party at my house, with these ladies, and other friends.  Thanks for a great party, Kate!