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In case you weren’t aware that I’m a bit spastic, I’m letting you know now, in this post, in which I freak out over a super important life decision that I don’t the answer to:
I have an (almost) entire day in Denver, Colorado and I don’t know which taprooms to go to!
See, I knew you’d understand.  Now, if there’s some taproom guru out there who wants to help me and take this daunting task off my plate, please chime in now (and where have you been my whole life?).  In the meantime, here’s the issue that I’m facing and why my decision is so hard.
I’m going to Denver this weekend for a girlfriend’s wedding–yay, yippe, love! I purposely went a day early (the wedding is on Sunday, rehearsal Saturday night) so that I could stumble wander around Denver and drink my way through explore the finest taprooms that the Rockies have to offer.  Priorities, yo.
I’m staying in LoDo, apparently the acronym for Lower Downtown.  My friend suggested I hit up 16th street because there are “tons of bars and breweries and stuff” but a cursory Googling revealed she’s a lying liar who lies (aka an amateur who doesn’t understand my fondess for craft beer hoppy goodness).  Thankfully Google also revealed a walking tour of LoDo to LoHi (whatever that’s short for) but it only covers Wynkoop, Rock Bottom, Denver Beer Company, Ale House, and Prost.
That’s 5 taprooms, so that’s enough, right?
Yeah….no.  You don’t go to the Napa Valley of Beers to go to only 5 taprooms.  You just don’t.  The problem is that I have limited time to hang out drinking beer (see aforementioned wedding festivities) so I need to prioritize, buuuuuuut I can’t prioritize places that I’ve never heard of in a city that I’ve never been to! Ahhh! ::cue spaz attack::
So, here’s my list.  If you or someone you know has been to any of these places, please help.  This is an urgent matter.

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