Boston Eats and Newport Mansions With My Mom

Recently my mom came to Boston for the weekend. While she loves Boston, this was somehow the first time she visited since I moved back here over 2 years ago thanks to my frequent trips back to New Jersey to see the rest of the family.

My boyfriend was out of town visiting his family in LA, so my mom stayed with me in our apartment. I’m not sure about you, but I love having my mom stay with me and for her it was like a mini vacation.

My mom got here on Friday and we had one of those beautiful Boston summer weekends, where the humidity breaks for just a few days, and everything is awesome. We spent 3 full days eating and walking, which is pretty much the best way to live life.

Creatures of habit, we often dine at old favorites but I was determined to use Mom’s visit as an excuse to do new things, starting with Bostonia Public House. We met Caitlin for dinner, as no girls’ weekend is complete without my blogger partner in crime! My “I don’t drink” mother had a sangria which she loooooved while Caitlin and I sipped on cocktails—a perfect Manhattan for Caitlin and a Bostonia Sour for me. The three of us split the cheese plate and warm lump crap dip both of which were amazing. My mom and Caitlin both got the crab-encrusted cod for entrées while I nommed on the meatball appetizer until I was too full to move.

bostonia sour bostonia public house restaurant boston

On Saturday I introduced my mom to my favorite greasy spoon breakfast joint, Pour House, and The Salty Pig. Dedicated to the love of pig parts, The Salty Pig is an awesome restaurant across from the Back Bay Train Station on the edge of the South End. While their charcuterie is out of this world, we opted to split two pizzas, as Mom was taking a break from her low-carb lifestyle. Go big or go home!

pizza salty pig restaurant back bay boston

Later in the weekend we lunched at Russell House Tavern, another new-to-Mom restaurant across the river in Cambridge’s Harvard Square. Having only dined there for brunch once before, I was impressed with their lunch options. I ordered the chicken sandwich which was completely upstaged by their amazing Caesar Salad. My mom was blown away by the burger, which for $13 is possibly the most affordable burger in Boston at a restaurant (not including my beloved Shake Shack of course).

russell house tavern restaurant cambridge harvard square

Newport, Rhode Island

On Saturday I took my mom to Newport, Rhode Island. I had been to Newport only once before; my mom had never been. We went to see the famed mansions, opting for the opulent Breakers Mansion of the Vanderbilt Family. The audio tour, included in the price of admission, provided an informative background on the history of the house and the Vanderbilts.

breakers vanderbilt mansion newport rhode island

We ate at the Black Pearl, where we split their famous clam chowder, garlic butter mussels, and baked cod casserole, before proceeding to stop into every little shop in town. The last stop we made before heading back to Boston for the night was to Kilwin’s for fudge—their salted caramel fudge is to die for!

black pearl clam chowder newport

mussels black pearl newport


It was great to spend a weekend in Boston and Newport with my mom and show her around. I can’t wait for her next trip!

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