As a blogger I find myself doing things that other people would be otherwise embarrassed about.  Today, as I was completely self absorbed in the act of photographing myself on my deck, some neighbors walked by.  I could hear them walking with their dog ::step step, pitter patter, step step, pitter patter:: and kept on with my shoot ::beep beep, click::  turn and look away ::beep beep, click:: turn and look at the ground ::beep beep, click::
But no more step step, no more pitter patter.  I looked around to see two people and a dog staring up at me, quizzically.  It was as though they’d never seen a woman taking pictures of herself in the middle of the day on the deck.
I returned the quizzical look.  Did they not understand the importance of documenting my outfits for no one in particular?  ::step step pitter patter step step pitter patter:: and they had moved on, likely laughing at the strange woman on her deck.  Which caused me to laugh, perhaps maniacally, at the thought that these unsuspecting people (and their dog) had borne witness to my weirdness.
::beep beep, click, beep beep, click::

Jeans: American Eagle // Sweater: Joe Fresh // Jacket: Forever 21 // Necklace: similar // Heels: Target
Has anyone ever caught you being a weird blogger?

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5 thoughts on “blushing

  1. bethan says:

    How funny! I find myself disclaiming to friends before we go out that I am likely to take pictures all the time, thankfully they are extremely understanding!

  2. Hannah @ Just Call Me HaHa says:

    Story of my life! Add in an embarrassed husband as well. At least my family has gotten used to me whipping out a camera before most meals I eat. Although my sister did send me an article stating people who take pictures of their food have mental issues…

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