Beer Party Preparations

Several weeks ago I was inspired an awesomely hilarious night at Kate’s house to throw a beer tasting party.  That and my friends always tell me they don’t like beer (which I cannot understand) and I have set a goal to prove each and every one of them wrong.
So today I’m having a beer tasting party for a bunch of my friends, and several people I barely know…the more the merrier, right?!  
I usually host small get togethers but after mentioning the idea to three different groups of friends, they all wanted in. At first I thought about hosting three smaller get togethers–one for blog friends, one for volleyball team friends, and one for law school friends.  Then I remembered that I’m lazy and want my friends to all meet each other, so I’m mixing groups.  Cue panic attack!  To top it off, a few friends of friends are attending.  Cue bigger panic attack and feverish attempts to clean the house!
It’s not that I don’t love all of my friends and think they’ll all get along famously, but there’s a certain anxiety that you have by putting together people who knew you in school for years, people you met over the internet, and people you sweat with…and even more anxiety when you realize that all of these people will be judging you on your candied bacon making abilities.
Since only small groups of people know each other I had to figure out a way to invite people.  Emails get annoying, I’m crazy about Facebook lockdown, and mass texts are the bane of my existence (unless they’re pics of my niece and nephew–keep those coming!).  I thought Evite was long past its prime, but it fit the bill for such an occasion.
I created an adorable invitation, complete with a little rhyme.  Yes, I’m that cool.
Join me on a holy day for a wannabe Pinterest-worthy beer tasting par-tay! I’ll fill your tummies with fun things to eat, you provide an alcoholic treat! Just bring a brew that you want to try–lager; stout; IPA; amber; pilsner; lambic; hefeweizen; porter, oh my! 

I think I’m ready for the party.  There is cheese, bacon, beer, tasting glasses, a burlap table runner, and dog beds disguised as floor pillows because I don’t have enough seating in my apartment.  My only hope is that people drink enough and don’t realize there’s a bike in the corner of my apartment and a spacebag of clothes behind the door.

Cheers to the weekend!

10 thoughts on “Beer Party Preparations

  1. Ember Grey. says:

    This is one perfect Summer party!!!! We usually have random beers in our house, just to try new ones sometimes, so this would be a fun event to throw with friends and get some new ideas! 🙂

  2. Eva Marie Taylor says:

    It better be BYOB with that many people! 😉 I wish I was there for your candied bacon! And dog beds disguised as floor pillows?! That's what Febreeze is for, right?! Or does only our dog smell? 😉 I hope as K type this you are already having a blast, and I can't wait to read all about it in your blog!

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