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Hi, I’m Emily! I’m a marketing professional living in Boston with a strong love and passion for travel, small business, food and drinks. This blog started in 2012 as a fashion blog and quickly morphed into a Boston lifestyle blog with a focus on travel. Here you’ll find recaps and reviews of travel, hotels, restaurants, events and fitness studios.

I love working with brand and meeting new people. Interested in collaborating? Email me at sassyinsequins@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Maureen says:

    Hi Emily,

    My name is Maureen and I am reaching out on behalf of Cinch Financial, a Boston startup focused on helping people save money on their biggest monthly bills. We start with the big stuff, like your mortgage, cell phone bill, credit card debt – not your daily Starbucks. The way we see it, this stuff is really confusing and it’s not very fun to try and figure it out, so we want to do the hard work for people and make getting the best financial stuff as easy and fast as possible.

    We are planning a fun event later in August where Cinch will take over a popular Boston food truck down on the Greenway to provide a free lunch and swag to anyone who takes a minute to chat with Cinch about our company – and maybe about how we can save you some money on a big bill!

    I’m reaching out to inquire if Cinch could sponsor a promotional post about our event and our service on your blog. It would be helpful to learn more about your pricing and options, as well as check out a media kit. Being that you’re a local Bostonian yourself, I’d love to work together on spreading the word about a fun summer event! I’m also hoping you’ll show up for free lunch yourself!

    You can check out Cinch for yourself at http://www.cinchfinancial.com. I look forward to hearing back from you!

  2. Allo Gilinsky says:

    Hello to Sassy in Sequins

    My name is Allo Gilinsky, I’m the founder of a new Boston based business venture- Pints of Portsmouth Brew Tours. As I discovered your website I thought I’d reach out and introduce myself and my company.

    My goal is to bridge the gap between Boston area beer lovers and the booming seacoast microbrewery scene. As a native Californian and newcomer to the area, I discovered Portsmouth on a day trip last year and fell in love with the town and was surprised at the vast amount of breweries and tap rooms in one area.

    Ive been working the last 6 months or so on heavily marketing for my tours and am launching public tours this month. It’s a day trip leaving from Boston that takes guests to 3-4 breweries in and around the Portsmouth area with lunch, tastings and transit included. I focus on “farm to glass” drinking, as many of the breweries have immense tie ins to local agriculture. A typical itinerary looks like : Smuttynose brewing,Earth Eagle, Beara Irish Brewing, and Throwback Brewery.

    I’m planning to put together a tour for any and all Boston area food and beer bloggers, and would love to have you and a guest along on my tour! I would be happy to provide you any more information and links to social media, my website, etc.

  3. Josh Haber says:

    Hi Emily,

    My name is Josh Haber, and I’m reaching out from All Set. All Set is a new Boston lifestyle app that connects customers with trusted house cleaners—it’s essentially Uber for house cleaning. All Set is perfect for those loving organization, efficiency, and ease in their life. The app allows customers to:
    · See reviews of the trusted house cleaners that their friends and neighbors use (and get discounts for using the same house cleaner as their neighbors!)
    · Pay their house cleaners automatically in the All Set app
    · Communicate with their cleaner and schedule appointments in app

    I am writing to offer you a $100 service credit for All Set. Our hope is that you will try All Set, love it, and review us in a positive light to your followers. A positive review on your blog could be very beneficial as we look to grow in our home town of Boston.

    Thank you Emily,

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