5 tips that might change your life

[Subtitle: 5 Things You Probably Already Know About That I’m Just Catching On To]

1. Coconut oil for everything

Coconut oil is my new favorite everything product.  I can’t even call it a beauty product because it does more than just beauty stuff, but mostly I love it for its face and body capabilities.  I use this coconut oil on dry hair as a hair mask (then wash it out), on my body as a lotion after a shower, as an eye/face makeup remover (remove your contacts first), as a shaving cream, for dry hands, rashes, sunburn, etc. Oh, you can cook with it too! Need more info about coconut oil?  This lady found 101 uses for it and here are 28 science-verified health benefits of coconut oil.

2. Baby powder for everything else

For anything that doesn’t need to be greased up, this organic baby powder is your answer.  It works in place of dry shampoo (even in dark hair, just use sparingly and brush through), for sweaty armpits, sweaty feet, to get sand off of your body at the beach, and that’s probably about it.  I do love it as a dry shampoo though.

3. Bobby pins go crinkled side down

I told this to a girlfriend recently and she gave me an embarrassed look and said, “OMG am I the only woman on Earth who never knew this and everyone is laughing at the pointy parts of my booby pins sticking up?!”  The answer is no, I’m the only one laughing, which is why I’m telling you now.

The crinkled side and bent part of the booby pin are designed to go down, toward your scalp.  The crinkles are supposed to keep the pins from slipping, ersomething.  Try it, it works.  Kate, the hair guru, even said so.

4. Lipstick doubles as blush

Especially after a long day of work when you’re looking particularly haggard and need to meet friends for Happy Hour.  Rub some lipstick on your pointer finger to heat it up and then rub it onto your cheeks.  It’s much more dignified than swiping lipstick on like war paint, which also totally works.

5. Contact lens containers for travel

I have a love/hate relationship with rules.  I love to follow them but I hate stupid rules that are enacted because one idiot decided he wanted to wreak havoc on the airlines.  I refuse to check my luggage if I’m just traveling for a few days and think buying mini airline sized containers for my lotions and potions is a rip off.

Instead I use contact lens cases (most bottles of solution come with a free case) for my face lotion, hair serum, and any other small quantity of liquid or gel that you need some of but less than 3 oz of on a short trip.  Label with a sharpie on the top or bottom of the case.  Toss at the end of your trip when your quantity is used up and voila, less to bring home!

Have these changed your life yet?

5 thoughts on “5 tips that might change your life

  1. Kara says:

    Great tips! I just learned about the bobby pins recently too, and was amazed by how much better they stayed in my hair. Game changer! I have heard that dark-haired ladies can use cocoa powder as a dry shampoo, then you don't have to worry about it looking ashy (like baby powder can if you use too much.) Haven't tried it though…

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