5 things i suck at doing…but still do anyway

Last night as I was getting ready to bed I downed about 32 oz of water that I knew would keep me up all night.  Sure enough, I was up at 3am, peeing and drafting this post on things that I suck at doing but still do anyway.
1. Diets
They just don’t work for me. Eating healthy, yes, but diets, fad diets especially, are no bueno.  I tried eating Paleo for two weeks, thinking I could eat bacon at every meal and even THAT got boring. No carbs is devil speak, no meat is even worse.  The only thing I cut out is dairy and that’s because it makes me break out.  I’m a hangry dieter.  Everything in moderation for this girl…and running.  Running is my diet.
Hey there, pretty thang.
2. Being mindful of my words
I’m a chronic over sharer and too often tell people exactly what’s on my mind. If I’m not telling you with words, my face is saying it. No poker face for me. On the flip side, my open bookedness (it’s a word, I made it up) makes people comfortable sharing things with me. Silver lining, I guess.
3. Not drinking water before bed
Without fail I get thirsty right before bed but instead of being prudent and ignoring this primal sign of dehydration, I give in and guzzle down as much water as my little Brita holds. There’s no reason for this and I wake up miserable because I’ll be up all night running to the bathroom. Yet, it’s something I can’t help.

4. Resisting a sale/freebies
I’ll be damned if I don’t stock up on essentials when they’re on sale. Call me cheap, but I think of it as being economically conscious.  Although that doesn’t justify that 100+ pairs of underwear currently stuffed into my drawer, thanks to those Victoria’s Secret free panty cards that come in the mail. You might remember my strange obsession with collecting free koozies. BoGo shoe sales are my kryptonite and I use EBATES like its my job. 
5. Cleaning out my closet
That cheerleading camp tshirt from 2nd grade sits in my drawer next to countless sorority tees that are two sizes too small and the kids sized work boots from Halloween last year that I’m keeping just in case I feel the urge to dress up like a construction worker again. Thankfully my parents have a gigantic basement for me to store years worth of crap.
Is there anything that you can’t resist?

11 thoughts on “5 things i suck at doing…but still do anyway

  1. Kara says:

    This post is hilarious! I feel like I could say that I suck at budgeting, but "try" to do it anyways, haha. I think it's really related to #4 on your list — I just can't resist a good sale, even if it means going over budget.

  2. Tracey @ Talkative*TLC says:

    I need to use Ebates more! I either remember right before checking out, or right after. And of course, it's the more expensive purchase/higher rebate % that I always forget on! And I can totally relate to #2! My feelings/opinion is written all over my face.

  3. Sara says:

    We are basically twins. I always drink the most water of my day after 9 pm, it's awful! And I don't do diets either-I did Weight Watchers for three months and consider it my lifestyle change now. People need to stop being miserable eating only steamed veggies!!

  4. Maddy says:

    Agree with the water thing except I try to be better about that. Agree with the oversharing thing – I think being open DOES help people feel open with you, and I'd rather have that quality than have people feel like I'm a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a pseudo-bitch, haha. Agree with you on the closet thing – was just thinking of doing a closet-cleaning-post sometime soon. I

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