5 Things a High Energy Person Needs

Energy is the lifeblood of everything (excluding the internet). We all have different energies in life that propel us along our way.

Relaxed. Intense. Contemplative. Vivacious. Indifferent. Animated.

Some people into the high energy category, including yours truly.  On any given day I teeter between the Smurf Theme Song and ZOMG! zones of the energy spectrum. Admittedly, it can difficult to harness all of this energy into something productive. When misdirected, high energy people can become hurried, nervous and even spastic. There are 5 things that high energy people need.

1. Purpose
High energy people need a purpose. Find a passion–eliminating homelessness, designing skyscrapers, making silly YouTube videos–it doesn’t matter.  Channeling energy into something positive will foster personal and professional fulfillment.

2. Positive Network
High energy people need reinforcement through a positive network of people. Find people who support your passion–fellow advocates, industry professionals, people who think you’re hilarious–and connect. A positive network is worth its weight in gold.

3. Grounding Force
High energy people need a grounding force. Find someone or something to counter the passion–people with different ideals, nature, belief in a higher power–and invest yourself. A grounding force provides balance.

4. Outlet
High energy people need an outlet for their energy. Find something other than your purpose–paint, volunteer, exercise–and lose yourself for a while. An outlet to shift the focus of your energy will enrich you.

5. Awareness
High energy people need to be aware of themselves. Find people with a different energy–negative, reserved, indifferent–and embrace diversity. Awareness of others will be a guide to understanding ourselves.

Find these 5 things and you can take over world!* Yay! Woohoo! Shazam!

*Does not a guarantee world domination

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